I call it nudity, I liek the word better.

Last night I finaly started working out. I've started jogging. But bot just regular jogging, barefoot jogging. I read this article that claime shoes weaken your ankles and arches. Because we were designed to be barefoot shoes do more harm than good, I'd reccomend you all start doing it.

So, anyway, my laundry isn't ready so I ate my steak naked. It was even better than I ever imagined it could be. Even the bowl I smoked was more enjoyable.

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Naked is all kinds of awesome. I prefer to sleep that way, but boy wont the neighbors get a show if there is ever a house fire or twister.
Look out world naked and barefoot sprinting thought the yard lol!
Umm i dont know about working out, but i really dont "work out". Hey there could be money in that field tho, "skyclad pagan gyms" LOL
I do like running in the rain 'nekkid" or swimming! Its almost an in utero feeling, unless the water is FREEZING - its almost painful, then refreshing!!
It would be a bitch on the machines,I guarantee it..........OWIE!!!
Southern and subtle in the same sentance, no!!! LOL
While I doubt my being naked is any particular treat for anyone else, I enjoy the practice from time to time. It is one advantage of living alone.
Bless you for stumbling barefoot into the light! Let freedom ring!
that actually sounds like a good idea. now for the funding -sigh-
I'm down with everything bur nekked wrassling. That sounds totally ghey.
well it did start in Greece, lol
There is a famous statue of Greek wrestlers, in a 69 position, each yanking the other's penis in the hopes of getting a strategic hold...lol!
That's even gayer than buttsecks. Lulz.


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