I call it nudity, I liek the word better.

Last night I finaly started working out. I've started jogging. But bot just regular jogging, barefoot jogging. I read this article that claime shoes weaken your ankles and arches. Because we were designed to be barefoot shoes do more harm than good, I'd reccomend you all start doing it.

So, anyway, my laundry isn't ready so I ate my steak naked. It was even better than I ever imagined it could be. Even the bowl I smoked was more enjoyable.

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Well, that's a nice image.

I don't really cook, let alone with grease - but then, I'm probably going to just keep shaving my legs and chest and under-arms (or even get selective elctrolysis done one day), so I guess I'm good. :)

<3 Love,

true freedom, thats what i call it i ware the least amount of clothes possible,and am naked every chance i get hehehehehe
This I would like to see. :D

<3 Love, (MeRcY me!)

Oh honey its true! I'm a muscular rehabilitation therapist and to my clients who have weak ankles and legs I always recommend running barefoot! You learn to strike toe first, building your calves and strengthening your back... Its great stuff!!
With the due respect for your profession,many of us in the fitness and running industry do NOT recommend running barefoot,inless on the proper surface,like sand and at intervals,never continously.
I'm so about being naked ido not care aobut what you look like naked to me it is just skin.... I love torun around barefoot but I hate stepping on stuff....
Right on, sister!

Naked power! :P

<3 Love,

~Meph, who finally stopped wearing his coat in this weather.
In my own home I am a nudist. I live in a crater on private property so why not. Just gotta be sure that people who might rarely visit me know to call first...don't want the in-laws showing up on my day off and seeing me napping out on my trampoline working on my nice even tan. My man and I are most comfortable in the nude...only problem is...winter in montana gets AWEFUL cold...and heating the house for two nudists is expensive...so we wear many layers of clothes half the year and none at all the rest of the time...a fair trade I think.

I have to wear shoes on my property even when i'm nude...at least flip flops...because the ground is here is not kind to bare feet.


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