Alright well local spirit people are pretty much lead by my ex... who hates me so I'm kind of alone where I am at the moment. I know everything happens for a reason and in my past lives I've been by myself in my paths but idk I feel like I'm not going anywhere anymore like I've come to a brick wall and I dont know how to pass it.

So my question is has anyone else stopped in their tracks and some how moved passed it? How can I grow more with out a teacher? I know there are books (dont be afraid to leave suggestions) but idk maybe I'm just being foolish if so just tell me to shut up and I'll know what u mean.


Wish You Well,


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I recommend finding local groups in your area (try Witchvox or Yahoo groups) and start going to events.  You'll meet all sorts of folk and get a feel for what you really want to study and, perhaps, some people to study with.

Adding to this, you may need to drive out of the area a bit if the local group is very regionally entrenched. That said, if you network online you may find other likeminded people in your area as well. Good luck!

I can only say that my experience with these things and my local or expanded community has been good and it is an option. I am not on witchvox so I can't speak to that community specifically. If you are closer to his region or more familiar with his needs it may be more relevant advice. If he is a critical thinker and can parse through things, looking for different things in a learning experience or have fewer details in common (perspective on what a weirdo is and community base) it may be less relevant.

I've never personally met any "weirdos" on Witchvox. I've talked to a couple of people but nothing went past a couple of emails and that was it. Guess I'm lucky for that.. 

Oh, there are definitely weirdos out there.  Then again, I relish meeting strange strangers.  But overall, I have had good experiences with public groups.  In fact, I prefer that over joining a closed group and being told what to do or believe.  I like the variety public groups offer.

Meditating before your altar after calling your deity will help you a lot.  Your deity will guide you.

Be careful what you ask for Grey.

thank you all for your comments and all your support. i've desided to just start off slow and harness and grow in what i do know while i get the land of the living figured out like money and moving and stuff. I greatly appreciate everyone's 2 cents and i will research and ponder on all that has been given to me here. thank you again

Believe few, trust fewer, and trust no one.... the truth is there, and here, and is waiting for you but its discovery is not a race but a lifetime endeavor. You have more friends and allies than you realize......


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