I hear so much differences of opnions One says if the  flame goes high your wish will come true another I hear if it goes low it means its going to come true?


If it i burns  fast your got your wish?

What if one quarter candle burns faster than the other ones?



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I heard of controlling the flame yourself, but nothing about wishing. If one quarter candle burns faster than the others that quarter presumably has more power. As I tend not to use quarter candles (I like my fire where I can see it, not where I can accidentally knock it over), I wouldn't really know. From my experiance, though, the bigger the flame, the stronger the power. How fast it burns tends to be more about the make of the candle rather than the power or lack thereof, unless they are all made the same way, in which case the faster burning one would mean more power in that quarter. Make sense?

Wishes usually come true if they are meant to, and not if they are not. As far as I know, there isn't really a way to tell for certain if they will or not; you just have to trust that your wish will be taken into consideration and the Universe will decide to grant it, or not, depending on what's best.
I have heard that if one candle burns faster than that is the area where it is doing the most work if that makes sense lol. It is using up that energy. Either because it is struggling or because it is working hard.
I am not sure of the sayings or what is typical. For me personally, I love fire and elemental energy. Like most things of strong energy and spirit, I focus on it and watch it's response. I think all energy responds. Because I feel a connection (may just be empathic) I am able to understand the responses. This probably just sounds more confusing....but, it's the only way I can describe it....
I have always heard that if the candle falls over an burns your house down, your day is going to suck. And if your three year old comes by, screams "Appy Birffday" and blows the candle out you will have a good laugh.
Know I hear so many differant rules.... No I was more or less feeling really run down with odd dreams lately? So I honelstly felt really drained like my soul was half in my body? SoI lit a red candle for vital energy Idid perk up?

I felt Angels or what not help me fel better?

Then today I found this one cande I made along time ago i blessed it I feltthe urge to light it...

I lit this one candle for friendships I wanted ot meet new friends been steady strong flame....
thanks for all the info....


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