Some people think the friends on line aren't Real friends. That they don't care about you really. But today I was going through a really bad day, and my P.S. friends were what pulled me through. I was just wondering if other members had had this kind of experience.

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Online friends are just ... friends, no more no less. Often, they are closer friend then "physical life" one.


It's all human interaction.

I feel closer with some of my online friends than I do my in person friends. lol.




I met a Marine on line, we have been talking for 6 years.. he got out of the corps.. and moved back to his home town in son went to collage in Ohio.. my son just graduated, so i was in Ohio for that, and .. my "friend" James.. and i met up, after 6 years of talking to him when he was in Iraq.. Afghanistan.. it was like WOW !!!!.. you really are real.. big hugs..kisses.. i met his girlfriend.. he met my boyfriend at the time.. now my husband.. it was great..and we still are talking today...


so they are very real... and James said "you got me over the bad times, dont know what i would have done without you"  


i also have very dear friends on PS... and cant wait to meet them... they are now also on my Face Book page... one of them Bob.. has been a gem to me with alot that has been going on.. as well as my friend Debbie... i love them to death.. and they me.. we are making plans to hook up and hang out.. Bob is in Michigan, Debbie Canada, and im in NJ.. but we will do it .....


I love my online friends as much as my physical friends.  They're a special sort of family.

Online friends are online friends.  It's really really easy to pop on a thread where a person is having a hard time, and offer them your condolences or offer to 'listen' then when they're pouring their heart out to you typing away online, you're off washing dishes or laughing with your family or watching TV or popping in out of that site. 


It's harder when you're face to face with a friend having problems, having to sit and listen and be there.

peanuts, hazelnuts, brazilnuts, walnuts, almonds, pistachios, cashews and few others too.....

Case in point: I sat and consoled someone online whose mother just passed away, or so she said. In reality, she was just wanting attention and her mother was alive and well.  So I do not feel that an online friend could be compared to a physical one. You can develop a solid personal relationship online sure, but it cannot be compared to a physical one.


Agree.  It's harder to hide who you really are in real life.  I belong to this online community.  One of the leaders of this group was an older woman, she was very motherly, very sweet, nice and friendly.  She was always there to help out with fending off trolls from the site, sending e-mails/PMs to people just to talk and develop friendships, really help build the community.  Turns out she was pretty much a liar, stabbing people in the back, forwarding other people's personal PMs and e-mails to others without their knowing about it, and gossiping about them, saying she was fending off trolls when she really never did anything.  As Troy said, she just wanted the respect, attention and trust of everyone.

That's not everyone though.

I don't think it was rude.....It's honest. Evidently she took a few seconds away from "family/home life" to give encouragement.....That is caring! Just a few words of encouragement from people who took the time to offer me some possitive insight is what has gotten me more possitive than I have been in a very long time. I hear you Aurelia, I know where you were coming from. No dis respect Lady, but, everybody has their own shit to deal with and you know that. You also know how good it feels to have someone reply to your needs. Lady, from what I have seen since I have joined P.S., you yourself have had alot of support. There are some truly remarkable people here on this website. What makes them Remarkable? They took the time.

I hope that you are doing well with what you have been through and wish you lots of love and light!!

Brightest Blessings,



Online friends are a lot like real life friends...some do care about you and are wonderful...some don't give a damn and are useless as "friends". I met my best friend online and we talk or see each other everyday. He's been a blessing to me. And I have found comfort from online friends too...sometimes I have days that aren't so good, and I usually find a little peace and comfort from them.
Oh yeah people do care. I have a lot of online friends and many of them crossed into irl.
It also helps to exchange numbers.


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