Some people think the friends on line aren't Real friends. That they don't care about you really. But today I was going through a really bad day, and my P.S. friends were what pulled me through. I was just wondering if other members had had this kind of experience.

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To me an online friend is no different than any other friend that I have actually met and interacted with over the phone or by email... I keep in mind that there is a "real" person at the other end of the keyboard.. one of the most profound online friendships I have ever had is with a young man serving in Afghanistan,  he's been fighting there for four years and believe me.. he is very real not a fantasy or a past time....
Well said!! Very True!!!

Online friends are great! I have many; some of whom I email or FB with as well, some of whom I talk with or text on the phone (Lass, Balor, Seth, Nyxrayne, etc.) some of whom I've met in person (Yarom & Seth), some of whom I hope to meet soon, and one of whom I've dated/fell in love with/moved in with (Yarom).

Just like any other way to meet people it is a good start and one needs to move beyond to have this grow.

I MEET as many in REAL LIFE as I can.........
thank  you
One of my best friends period, end of sentence and I met online. This year she's moving up and I couldn't be happier.
I have mixed feeling online friends deal...Sometiems the relationships can be inense and real as any relationshi. Other times it is very unreal and empty....



On the positive side I revere each and every friend I have and try to make sense of the losses too.  Because I am old I have learned to reconcile the reality of online vs. real time sensabilities but always consider the real person behind the thumbnail whenever humanly possible.


Some folks aren't so sensitive it seems that they can illtreat others at the drop of a hat because they seem to feel that they can get away with what they say, that somehow they can say and do whatever they wish because there isn't really humanity behind the thumbnail.


The rule of thumb applies tho that if you wouldn't say or do that to the person standing right in front of you don't say or do it to someone online.  I truly do follow this principle.  I was hurt badly by a couple of someones here and suppose that it probably par for the course but it still hurts.


Overall most people despite differences in world-view and perception seem to get along swimmingly well here on Pagan Space and I have yet to witness a flame and hopefully will still avoid that.  There was an outpouring of compassion when I mentioned the passing of my mother and grandmother during an anniversery date that to this day will always appreciate and remember.


For the others, well will cross that bridge when get to it.


En Service

As to meeting face to face there is nothing like that. But online gets close. You can always webcam with someone and voice chat.

Due to being disabled and have great difficulty getting out of the house I find that more and more I find that I can relax and enjoy the company of friends on the internet , some of these friends are people who I have never met but I do call them friends , we laugh , we debate and we get to know each other in the way that friends you know in flesh do 


It is also a way i can make friends who are all over the world , and at times at night , just like now , when I am having difficulty sleeping I can get online and talk and interact with my friends from all over the world


Blessings to all



yes, my PS friends have been there for me several times....grateful to have them!


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