Make no mistake, the signing of this first lease is a historical moment, not only for the GCoL, but for all those Pagan, Luciferian and Left Hand Path alike, and none of this could have happened without you, the GCoL Members. We are proud of our members and the strength and courage it takes to walk this path. We also know that change can only occur when people stand up and fight for their right to be individuals with opinions that are valued. No civilization throughout history began without individuals that were willing to take a stand for what they believe, with the follow through to make things happen. To make change in the face of adversity happen! These people were all Luciferian, whether they knew it or not.

Does anyone here participate actively? Run across this group on Facebook? If not, do you see any direct benefit if you're going to be counted among the pagan community at large?

To get a feel for ideological views see:  The Morning Star

Yet another organization of individuals that freely use the word 'Path' to describe ideologies, beliefs and lifestyle.  What is it to you? Before you answer that, see: Am I a Luciferian?


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Nice post Amber,


As my beliefs have evolved overtime I have come to see Jehovah/Demiurge as worshiping our EGOS. Nice to know I am not alone in this opinion. 

I liked your point about the person doing the accusing and how they are "living in that energy, is living in "satan""

That puts the "Christian Church" in a whole new light.

I can resonate with the concept of Lucifer as seen in Venus as the Morning and Evening Star. My environment contains aspects of darkness in the form of lower astral spirits and activity. My heart also seeks the light of goodness, kindness, and compassion. It's just a thing of life. I enjoy the darkness at times and seek the light at others.

The GCoL doesn't pose any threat to me, and probably not anyone else, if they abide by their stated precepts. Their desire to organize is understandable in the view that humans are gregarious creatures for the most part and seek to gather. If they continue to grow and expand, I would recommend they eventually form a core council of 13 members who serve as the governing body of the church. The core council should be selected by a general election involving all church members.

Theologically, it is impossible to satisfy a group as large and diverse as is seen on Pagan Space. Critical thinking and alternative views has always been a trademark of Pagan Space. In my opinion, this is a good thing.

I agree with you. We as a church encourage diverse thought. This does not mean you have to agree with everything you hear. Take what you can and leave the rest. Do what works for you. We will never tell a person how to live theirs lives and only act as guides when asked to be. We all have a chance to share a point of view at meetings. 

We do a round circle system where the same person does not talk at every meeting. We might have leader or meeting organizer introduce people but other than that these people get to study and have a voice. No one persons point of view is more valid than the others as we can learn form all points of view. This is how we remain fluid in thought. 

As Sin brought up the use of the term path, I will address that first.  As she stated, many people tend to use the term rather freely anymore and it makes you wonder if they truly understand the meaning of it.  Trying to tie it in directly to a person's ideology, beliefs, or lifestyle can lead to a tricky situation.  I know people with very different ideologies, beliefs, and lifestyles that follow the same path in their practices and I know people with the same ideologies, beliefs, and lifestyles that follow very different paths.  One does not always directly lead to or pertain to the other.

In reading through the articles and the posts here, different points were brought up.  Rose brought up the issue of a doctrine being established.  Jacob No can try to deny it but it is in fact the case.  When you establish a core philosophy, guidelines, and points as to what makes a person "X" or makes them "Not X", and you state that someone must agree with the majority of your philosophy, you are establishing a doctrine.  Even if it's just for the purpose of disambiguation, it's still a doctrine.  Whether it is strictly adhered to or not is a different matter.  Perhaps a better argument would be whether or not the organization is orthopraxic or orthodoxic in nature.

Another point I saw brought up was the claim that there is no hierarchy.  The very act of creating a leadership and organizing something creates a hierarchy.  It doesn't matter if it is totalitarian in nature or open, it is still a hierarchy.

The key thing when promoting something is to first be honest with yourselves and then with others.  If you have a doctrine and a hierarchy then just say so.  It's not necessarily a bad thing.  It is what it is.  However, to try to deny either, when the information appears to show otherwise, doesn't put you in the best light.

There is one thing that does send up a red flag for me though.  Any time someone refers to "the truth" or "true ways" it sets off an alarm.  I've seen many individuals and groups over the years who come out with their own book or set of teachings where they claim to show people "the truth" and teach them the "true ways".  It often comes across as them thinking their views are somehow superior or more "authentic" than the views of others.  Even when that isn't the intent or claim, it is a poor choice of wording as it can leave a bad taste in the mouths of many.

Overall, I do understand what it is they are trying to accomplish and I wish them luck in their endeavor.  If they were in my area I'd likely check into them out of curiosity but it's not likely I'd join or actively participate in any way.

Pretty much.  Some readers will most likely say to themselves "Good for you guys, carry on!"  While others obviously are like "Whut? No thanks"  So it strikes me as odd that Jacob No runs into to defend it, like readers don't have eyes to see.

For shiggles...

I say the obvious answer is that left-handed people are clearly changelings.

Oh wow, and people like that are in charge of educating the next generation.  Not good at all.

Or are changed by educators and experience.  I was Left-handed, now my Right-hand is my dominant hand but my brain hasn't changed.

That happened with my father.  They tied his left hand down and made him learn to be right-handed.

Mine wasn't as dramatic but it did start with a hand injury when I was young.  I was using my left-hand that ended up with an injury and deformity to my right-hand.  Though the attitude about it was rather absurd.  As if, "That's what you get for using the Sinister Hand".  Even though my Right-hand was injured and in a partial cast, I was forced to use it, to make it my dominant hand.  Even my writing hand.  I can still do plenty with my left but I'd consider the Right my more dominant in that it's used more for tasks. Left is still stronger though.

I'm just curious about something. It says up there that anyone who wants to be an individual and make there own path I s pretty much a Luciferian right? Well I'm not a satanist in any way so all I know is what other Satanists have told me and what I have studied. I have looked into theology for over 10 years now and there are many religions that give activists a way to be an individual. ((Granit a lot of the individualism and pathways consist of the pagan sects)) So being an individual and following your own chosen path doesn't really mean that one is Luciferian. Many different religions share similarities but that doesn't mean every person belongs to all of those religious sects.

So my actual question is, how does being a free thinker and forming your own beliefs actually endight one to being a Luciferian? I'm missing something here or am I just not reading it right? I myself am a Hedgewitch so that alone is a road of individual beliefs and study. But that doesn't mean I'm Luciferian. In my Hedgewitch way I follow Deborean Paganism ((a combination of Celtic paganism and the Native American way)) along with Buddism, an Spiritualism. No satanism whatsoever.

((Honestly, I'm not trying to sound rude or anything. I'm really just curious as to how that reasoning is the way it is. You will never know the answers unless you ask questions right? I hope I'm not coming off as mean.))


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