Make no mistake, the signing of this first lease is a historical moment, not only for the GCoL, but for all those Pagan, Luciferian and Left Hand Path alike, and none of this could have happened without you, the GCoL Members. We are proud of our members and the strength and courage it takes to walk this path. We also know that change can only occur when people stand up and fight for their right to be individuals with opinions that are valued. No civilization throughout history began without individuals that were willing to take a stand for what they believe, with the follow through to make things happen. To make change in the face of adversity happen! These people were all Luciferian, whether they knew it or not.

Does anyone here participate actively? Run across this group on Facebook? If not, do you see any direct benefit if you're going to be counted among the pagan community at large?

To get a feel for ideological views see:  The Morning Star

Yet another organization of individuals that freely use the word 'Path' to describe ideologies, beliefs and lifestyle.  What is it to you? Before you answer that, see: Am I a Luciferian?


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But that goes back to my original point. Just because two religions share certain beliefs doesn't mean that any certain individual is apart of both sects.

What's my religion?

You could view it as more of a litmus test for the type of person they feel would fit in best with their group rather than a generalization that all who possess those traits are automatically Luciferian.

One of the traits of LHP is to separate oneself from others by focusing on the unique self and developing those qualities. Many people (much to my befuddlement) try to make this development of singularity into a group effort or movement (such as the linked organization or the Satan statue people). The idea is to truly discover the way that is unique to the individual.

One typically doesn't find this in a group.

Discovery is something akin to a Venn diagram. Individual human experience overlaps in the objective universe (natural world). A seeker will then begin to refine that by looking for those who have perspectives that are in alignment with their own. This is where the subjective universe begins. Once one finds 'their' people, they tend to stop there (my own observation). Validation of their viewpoints by others is enough for them. These folks may wear black or white clothes but are born of thought patterns just like the Emperor's.  

Anyway, unless it's uniquely 'you' it's a garment. Put it on or take it off at your leisure. 


Hence my hesitation to jump in the "This is a LHP Organization" bandcamp. Doesn't pass the smell test as far as I'm concerned.

I mean, all the power to these people if they think they can get more done on a personal level by leaning on others for Knowledge and Practical Application but I've seen it a hundred times over; these things tend to implode upon themselves.  Anyone remember The League of Independent Satanists?   Heh

Thank you very much. Your explanation is very much appriciated


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