I'm sure we all know the term "open relationship", but just to be sure, i'm referring to people an any type of relationship (marriage, casual dating, serious relationship, etc) in which the couple is primarily with each other, but have agreed to see other people as well. In marriages the married couple usually agrees to see other people and still live together, love each other, etc. Husbands with girlfriends, wives with boyfriends, etc. But i'm positive everyone knows what i'm talking about, so i'll go on to my questions......

Any married couples out there that have or have had an "open marriage" or "open relationship"? Did it makes things better or worse?
Or are there any people an a relationship where a third/fourth party is/are involved? Does that help the relationship or cause more problems?
If you are not in an open relationship and are exclusively with one person or married, would you consider an open relationship? why or why not? How do you feel about people in open relationships or open relationships in general?

I know most pagans, witches, wiccans, etc are very open minded when it comes to sex and relationships, so i decided this was a great way to get some insight. I had to have a long talk with my husband tonight and some things were brought up...

Just looking for some insight and perhaps some experiences if anyone would like to share!


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It may work out for certain people who are equally matched with high confidence and TRULY equal ideals on love and marriage

Now you make it sound as if this is virtually impossible in which it is not. As my first post on this subject, my wife and I have and are still in this type of relationship, where we bring in another women from time to time and the love we share with each other has never faded a bit.

We are still hardwired the way we used to be in primal times, i mean come on that is how a lot of pagans find their spiritual path is threw primal nature what is hidden away from us because of church and media. What makes this WHOLE subject a problem is that no one takes the time these days to REALLY find their true love, they think they have it so they cling on for dear life, throw a ring on their fingers and wont think of letting someone else around for fear they will loose it when in fact they didn't really find it they just settled.

In all my wife and I have what everyone is defining as "Real Love" and hey we enjoy the company of another women from time to time. of course that's just my opinion.

Hail and blessings,
Open relationships are the kind to have if you are a cheater (or polyamorous)... trouble is.. is that if alot of people are involved in your relationships.. you will likely find one you will eventaully leave your partner for.. you will see less and less of them... they eventually fail...
I think open relationships can be very fulfilling for some and disastrous for others. It depends. If you feel called to explore it, maybe you should.

Polyamory between people coming from the same soul monad may be the thrill of a lifetime. I know very happy people in these types of relationships. They also build more wealth together in these relationships, and are basically best friends.

I have explored different relationship types and discovered that I am monogamous and asexual to a degree.

Happy Exploring!
Yes. I strongly disagree with the idea that our relationships don't last. If it breaks the relationship, it is because one or both sides were not completely honest with the other hence, not truly committed to an open relationship.


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