I am not one to be easily intimidated by the male population of the world, but most men,who have some sort of relations with me,has felt intimidated by me.The reasons are many,I am to tall,to forward,they do not have a liking of intelligent females,my clan history,my brother pacifically,my two favorites are I have no control over you,nor your tongue and my beauty....Now I am far from conceited, but how can a male be intimidated by beauty.I guess from my female curiosity, I am want to know are all males like this, and how do other males see me as an individual? Is there other females out there that have the same issues with relations with males? What do you feel is intimidating in the opposite sex,or same sex? How do you feel about your inner and outer self ? anyone may answer these questions, in the opposite way of course,it should not matter the sexuality. We all have issues while trying for any kind of relations.

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Aye, I have had relations with different classes of men within society, they all differ with their nick picking,should I say. I know I am a wee bit picky, not with so much outer appearance, but certain mannerism.My only thing with outer appearance is I insist on proper hygiene. Many thanks to you for such compliments.
proper hygiene? Haha! Sadly for a lot of guys that is too much to ask. I feel bad for a lot of the decent ladies out there that have to deal with that. I have this one friend, who is a good guy, but his hygiene is really terrible. Recently I noticed that he has lost one of his front teeth. This is a guy that I have known since I was a little kid, and a good friend of mine. When you see somebody practice such negligence on themselves, for something as simple as brushing your teeth, it just seems like such a waste. He's from a decent middle class family too, he's just that lazy with taking care of  himself. I must say I really don't get it either.
"ALOT of decent ladies that HAVE to deal with it".....NO,they choose too....I wouldnt,havent,wont......If someone cant take care of their hygene 101,adios.......

ugh nasty body odor......who ordered hougies with sweaty meatballs lmao


Stone there is many other reasons besides not brushing for someone losing teeth, some ppl are born with soft teeth and no matter how much brushing you do,you will still have problems, women who are pregnant have this problem, cause the baby takes alot of women's nutrients.

well then this guy was either pregnant, or... lol.

Nah, I'm good friends with his former roommate, he would fill me in on how nasty it was to live with this guy. I'm almost 100% certain he really is that lazy. ugh, and besides, no one that brushes at least 2 or 3 times a week has bad breath or plaque buildup to THAT extent. Once in a while he himself even told me about some dentist visits he had, without sparing some details. It was kind of one of those stupid gross out contests that guys have when they are in high school. He won.

Stonewolf I am for sure going to kick your bloody arse, for painting me such a foul image in me mind.I hope you wash mouth out,anyways I have a new humorous discussion up,come join in;)

eh... ok then...

is this humorous one the one with all the alchemy questions?

humor a wee lass such as I,and come on,play alchemy with me.Please.:(
I already admitted to really not knowing much about alchemy specifically, besides a few choice book titles that others have mentioned to me. So I believe I will pass.
Alchemy derives from Hermetic learning,therefore your are reading about such,from your wee book....so give it a try what harm is in that,are you afraid of being wrong. There are many trying other than you and they do not have alchemical knowledge.
let me put it a different way. I don't really care. I'll get through Way of the Crucible first, then maybe I'll have a go.
I see, you have no passion for knowledge,that's a shame. :(


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