I am not one to be easily intimidated by the male population of the world, but most men,who have some sort of relations with me,has felt intimidated by me.The reasons are many,I am to tall,to forward,they do not have a liking of intelligent females,my clan history,my brother pacifically,my two favorites are I have no control over you,nor your tongue and my beauty....Now I am far from conceited, but how can a male be intimidated by beauty.I guess from my female curiosity, I am want to know are all males like this, and how do other males see me as an individual? Is there other females out there that have the same issues with relations with males? What do you feel is intimidating in the opposite sex,or same sex? How do you feel about your inner and outer self ? anyone may answer these questions, in the opposite way of course,it should not matter the sexuality. We all have issues while trying for any kind of relations.

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Hi Class!  Pics from the cruise?  Woot for Corona!
Chilling out in Cozomel!!
And will the broken dolly be put together ever again?
I got no request to clarify my statement?

It was not indeed to mean such, I was trying to figure out why Allie has such disdain for a woman being beautiful,a lot of women do move up the ranks without their beauty being involved.

What do I need to do prove to you are a beauty? A discussion in your honor, and favor,perhaps.

I am not interested in such proof, and a discussion in my honour would violate PS ToS (thanks to Starrfires intelligence).

Please look at Allies replies it is the same content just more polite and better English.

No, I had no intention to offend anyone and I take a little offense of such an accusation. I attempt to take care with any comment I make to any topic that I do not make it personal. However it was you who asked this question and when answering the question you asked when specifically related to you I had to go and view your pictures. You have a symmetrical facial features and a trim body with an hourglass figure with a waist to hip ratio that appears to be about .08. That is pretty much the definition of above average pretty or beatuiful. This statement you can take as a bit offensive if you wish: "Watch it sister."

I do not agree with your belief that a female's job experience gets her a job over her appearance. Mostly because the FACTS say otherwise. As I've said before and will say again, there are SCIENTIFIC STUDIES that prove beauty matters. Also if you have two equally intelligent people of either sex, the better looking one will have more opportunity to do what they want in their life and have an easier time of getting what they want. People who have an easier time of getting what they want out of life tend to appricate it less and this fact is what creates the divide between beautiful people and average people. I've never said that there are not exceptions. I realize that a small percentage of beautiful people are not self-centered and can have true sympathy for those who do not have the advantage that they do. Beautiful people that are this way usually have some sort of trying enviornment that helps them gain this perspective like poverty, an abusive parent, death of a parent, a close family member that they had do defend from peers because their family member was ugly, or they had something that made them look odd as a child but they grew out of it....something along those terms. To an above-average attractive person who hasn't had something happen to them to gain some perspective, I would say that person doesn't understand and won't until life gives them the means to change. For some people that never happens.

When looking for employment,no matter if the person looks like an ogre,one should look presentable,it is the first impression of a person,if they are clean about themselves etc.You as a nurse,knows that hygiene is vary important,but if someone was presented to me not kept, I shall also look into their experiences more,or put them through a trial.You obviously have an unhealthy view of certain people in this wee world,or a vary grande misconception.I will not hire someone without any experience,I would be a fool too,I do not pass judgement on those without outer beauty.I see beauty in everything and everybody, no matter how they appear. I have never had been poor, nor abused,but I was taught to value life no matter where it, or they derived from.


As for the Watch it sister, I have no fear of you, nor anybody else. I am not a self centered wench that you nicely describe someone of my ilk to be. Since your post where attacking people of my like station within society, it had to be corrected,maybe I should of worded it differently,but it was like an attack on my person,and many people that are in my realm of life. I have been trying vary hard to raise wee Maire's self esteem about her beauty, and see it from the eyes of another,but I see you as a vary negative force to reckon with.You are not assisting in my efforts.


As for me looks, I happen to enjoy them.I do whatever I can to stay as such. My waist sizes differ,3 to 8 tall, depending on the make of clothing.

WOW,just WOW to all of this.......really.......Do you honestly think because a woman is beautiful that frankly,shit doesnt happen to her?? Come on.that is just inane......or that we must experience death of a parent,get mugged,poverty or an other cataclysmic event "TO get it?"....That is pretty narrowe minded,shallow and ridiculous way of thinking about life ALLIE. Do you think beautiful women DONT get cancer scares,mates cheating on them,financial issues,depression,ect...What World do you live in?  Plain women dont have a corner on the market of crap in life happening to them....You read and believe too much "scientific studies":,why not talk to real people and mayhaps keep an open mind.....You are so convinced we have it made.....we deal with life too and get the shaft.it is the inner person that stands up to it.......Do you know how many jobs I've lost,because they had to hire the  racial minority or the man? I was tghe employer and looks? Mattered little ,it was the experience ,how they presented themself,how they worked with others.....I had 200 employees....
Dia dhuit Lass, missed drama I fear, many thanks for posting such truths.

I think they experience unpleasantries just like everyone. I'd rather say that aside from what you listed (crime, illness etc), the types of unpleasantries are different.


Someone presented me with a book, called Confessions of an ugly stepsister. It is a very good read, there is even a movie version, but I do not know the title.

It is that the problems of the one 'type' will appear bizarre to the other.

I have always been a beauty magnet, I do not know why. I always had at least 2 female model friends, and now, I know loads of very beautiful ones I am close associate with.

However, when I was around 17, one classmate of mine who later became model, said to me

'Marie, you are so lucky with your looks. No man will ever want to be with you because of your outside looks. If someone fancies you, you can be absolutely sure he likes you for your personality'

Until do date I have not come to a decision about which face to make, not to mention a proper reply. I have no need to be cheered at by the beautiful, no offense, but they tend to miss the mark a little O_o

The excuse is, the person was also 17, but all my most beautiful female friends tended to be a little not-grounded regarding the questionable advantage of not being of spectacular looks.

Anyway, it is ultimately just an entertaining re-occurring oddity in life, to be met with such naivety, probably on all sides.


Tehehe, I've enjoyed some of these comments I've read, though I didn't read the entire 16 pages. I'd forget most of them otherwise T.T

Area covered that I enjoy- We all have our advantages as well as our disadvantages. Appearance and the culturally accepted perception of 'beauty' is a big issue and usually associated with some form of power behind it. I have friends who although, are not the most handsome fellow, have the gift of speech and approach any girl they would like. They have so much confidence and are cocky etc. Meanwhile I have other 'pretty boy' friends who despite coming off lame, approach girls while dancing and let their appearance speak for itself. In both cases their approaches do not always work, however its applying their advantages the best way possible.

Appearance can be intimidating for me f I don't feel handsome enough for the person, I guess, stratification- that I am below her and the social circle she is involved with and people do not like to feel belittled (pride lol -_-).

But then, I am unsure what that girl finds attractive anyway so I shouldn't already feel threatened simply because of her looks. I've seen hot hot girls with the skinniest and lamest of guys, but they find something attractive within them. However by this point, you've sabotaged some courage with the initial (hope I'm handsome enough) so when you do go up and you can talk to them, you're feeling like you are on thin ice already. Of course this is due to lack of experience in confronting attractive girls*.


Intelligence is awesome, especially if they express the same interests and can expand on what you say. I met a girl (though she has a bf who I know) who built upon what I was talking about, then I could build upon that and it was quite awesome. I do not feel them having intelligence is what gets my fear cranking, its the fear that if I don't have as much to contribute, I will seem lacking, (again stratification) that I am of a lower 'class' and that she would feel too bored with me.


I guess its the lacking of confidence of not feeling 'good enough' for any attractive girl. Especially if they go to the effort of wearing sparkly earings and pretty hair-dos because they are out to attract the best guy for them. One who would sweep her off her feet, best of the best in all areas so when you feel a weakness in one of them, your confidence can become lacking. The only way around this is to approach so many girls that you overcome such obstacles with experience and work on your disadvantages. Well that's what I try to do lol.


My fear most of the time is just approaching and meeting them. 'how do I start' or 'wtf do I talk about'. I feel confident when I'm not out but when I am I'm all... D= buh! lol.


*edit* Gah! didn't realise how much I wrote lol. XD


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