Please I am new here,I want to receive full guide line and I want to have all the benefits of this group

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I assume you are referring to the "rules of membership" for this site, which every member is subject to.

Look at the buttons at the top of the page, under the sites name banner. On the far right is one marked "Help/ Admins". Click on that and a menu of options appears. Click on the "Basic Site Rules" option.

welcome Otunola 

I have been on here for several years, I am a witch, Satanist etc. I would suggest adding a personal blog because sometimes the conversations on the front page don't apply to what you want! I have on if you want to look it up. My name is Elisabeth Cartwright!


Agreed with respects to the blog thing. It's the quickest way to get yourself out there and ask any questions, if you have any, for others to consider. I would also encourage to reach out to people personally if anyone resonates with how you are feeling or what you are looking for


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