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'Spirit Animal' is so conflated.  Isn't the clan lineage about their mythic past?  Like some story that represents the origin of the tribe?

nahualli denotes an actual individual animal believed to exist, either in the spirit world or in the physical world itself (depending on regional beliefs). The nahualli is the spiritual twin of a person, said to have been born at the same time and share the portion of the soul known as the tonalli.

Does this sound accurate to you?

The nahualli part does. It represents a portion in the grand scheme of things. Also, a person can have more than one nahualli. The other nahuallis won't be connected to the tonalli as much as the original though. Good sorcerers have multiple nahuallis.

I'd have to research totems more, specifically didn't it originate among Pacific northwest tribes? I was under the impression it has to do with lineage, but wrapped in metaphor.

I'm mostly familiar with the African rendition.  For example, in Zimbabwe, the Totem doesn't denote 'tribe' or 'clan', it represents the person.  So if you go walking into a village, and the locals want to know where you 'sprung from', they don't ask your name, or your family lineage, they ask to see your totem.

If you shared the same totem as one of the villagers, you are considered 'family'.

They have what's called 'Mitupu', this means that one is never a 'stranger'.

It would be like you coming to visit, and we happen to share the same tattoo symbol.  We would be considered relatives.  They have a weird way of determining how 'close' you are, as a family member.  The difference between say, a cousin and a sister.

If you buy the 'Out of Africa' theory, all this totem stuff came from somewhere right?  My money is on Africa ;)

 Thanks for directing me to this link, a very active discussion :o)  ... 

Ok I learned some new words for this and I googled some to no avail. Machinekin is people who think they're machines and I'd love to hear more about this particular one. Greenkin is people who think they're plants, and that's the extent of my knowledge on that one. Factkin are the shady ones to mex I couldn't find it via searching and I stumbled upon the word from cracked. I take it they're the opposite of fictkin or otakukin who think they're fictional characters. So I take it they think they're historical figures.

Geenkin, ha.    why not plantkin?  I'll be a tree!

Maybe I'll be a Munch-kin, and join the Lollipop Guild...

kin kin kin for everythin'

Whatever, people are just weirdos.

Mexkins are from mexico...Duhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!
It's a typo. Supposed to be *me*. I posted it from my phone, lol.
Right. I can imagine something the idiots would eat, that's not fit for human consumption.

On another note I'd like to be a real life cyborg, so I checked out the cyborgkin recipe:
For machine kin (idea taken from Steam Powered Giraffe music video) if you mix chocolate syrup and every color of food coloring in a standard box you get something that looks like oil. Obviously not good for everyday but maybe for a topping/occasional snack.

Otherkin Alliance link is broken.  


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