Well, I guess you could say I am sitting in what could be the closest thing to a blizzard that Seattle will ever see. We are getting 90 mph wind gusts, with an almost constant wind speed of about 50 mph. We have about 4 inches of snow on the ground now, which in seattle, is positively debilitating!! The last time we had this kind of weather, it was Dec 2006, and so many trees and such came down! People were without power for weeks! We have a gas fireplace, and I just bought this awesome camping kit this summer that has wonderful resources in it should we need them. My kids are over at my dads, which is no safer really, but they are going to be fine should anything happen. I just lit up my altar, and said the prayers that were running through my mind at the time. Wish I could post a pic, but I'm not sure if things would turn out anyway. Wish us luck. See you soon!!

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good luck to you as well!! I've seen the footage form over there!! I would not want to be stuck in that stuff!!!!

I'll be thinking of you as well!!


Sounds like you're in for some interesting times. Good luck.
Hey, hey!!! We made it!! We have about 4-6 inches of snow. I haven't been out in it yet, but I have to go to work tonight. I feel sorry for the ambulance drivers. They have to make up for all the people that come in to the ER that can't or won't drive in the snow. Somehow, the ER is never less busy because of bad weather. Anyway, we're here, we have power, and all is well.....for the time being!!!!!
It wasn't snowing when I got up this morning, but it is snowing now!! ALOT!!!!

tonight will be interesting.....

Glad your ok lily!!
It seems like the whole country is experiencing some really intense storms. Almost every day I hear about people having to go without power, and heat. It makes me think back to what it must have been like back in the day and how in modern times, with our modern conveniences how we can greatly ignore Winter. How we can feel safe in our homes, our offices, away from the cold, how winter does not really hold much fear. How we do not have to worry about freezing to death, starving or dying of disease, it seems like people are now being reminded of that and how intense it can be. When I perform my Yule ritual tonight I am going to include a blessing for safety for all those going through these storms and I am going to enjoy the white Yule we are having here in Utah.

Blessing to you and yours!

Merry Yule!

Well, it always snows by Yule here, it usually it snows on Samhain, LOL but a lot of the time we will not have snow on Yule, especially the last few years when we were in a drought. Now, that we are coming out of that we are having more snow and much more intense Winters.
My dad is a truck driver, and said he had to drive through three blizzards to get here. Interesting year.
Ah, tis the fun of the season! Just met my friend's neighbors as they helped me dig out my poor high centered car! The guys out ploughing the roads are leaving burms everywhere and I was just coming out of a driveway. And they're exposing all the ice. Not cool. Only lost power for about 3 hours in the middle of the night. Not too bad considering the fiasco of two years ago.

Now I'm home and trying to thaw out. Chilly, but I have to say it's a beautiful day regardless of the conditions. Snow seems to make everything lovely.

Blessings )0(
beautiful pics!! I am at work now. had to drive in, and I figured I'd start out a little early. Good thing. When I got out to the freeway, I ended up spinning out. thank goodness, no one hit me. I will be leavign work early tonight, goddess willing, as we have very few people in the er due to the snow. It snowed more today than it did last ngiht, which is a surpise to quite a few people around here!! I am hoping that they will begin the plowing process soon, as we have a long drive for christmas.

Happy Yule everyone....be safe!!!!

I'm glad you made it through ok. Can't complain about the weather here, it's a little chilly today but over the weekend it was in the upper 70's which was great for our camping trip. Forcast for Christmas day is 79 for the high.
Blessed Be
OMG we are in near drought conditions and slightly higher than average temps.


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