i am letting a friend stay w/ me w/ her 2 kids of 11 and 14.the kids continuously fight,hit their mom call me whores and bitches,they have no place to go and i am really losing my patience w/ them.i dont know what to do,since i dont want them to be homeless.Any advice?i have tried talking to them,i help w/ their homework,im good to them.

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They call you a Whore and a bitch? What does their mom say? They are in YOUR house.....? They have no respect ,obviously.....TELL THEM this is not allowed in YOUR house,If that doesnt work and their MOM has no control,drive them to a shelter.do NOT put up with this in your own house. You are bdeing kind,but to allow it,is enabling them

beat their asses......set the rules... what u say goes...end of story... give them chores they have to do or loose privilages, like tv, phone, music, goins somewhere special.....but balance that with positive rewards too... if you see them do something nice for someone in the house, let them have something, at that age they could earn tokens.. so many tokens can = a trip to the mall, or icecream or something.. but they can be taken  too...and for Goddess sake talk to the mom because she needs her ass beat too for letting the kids talk to her like that too.


It sounds to me like you are a caring and loyal friend. Like many others have said here, these kids need a wake up call. Maybe you should take them down to a homeless shelter so they can see what its like to live there. Then, along with their mom, have them visit a battered womens shelter. Not to sound cruel, mom sounds like she needs a bit of a wakeup call as well. Then explain to your friend and her kids that the blatant disrespect and abuse will not be tolerated, and if it continues you will have no choice but to kick them out. You may also want to come up with some sort of contract that your friend signs stating a time period for her to move out. This is more about motivating her to get her life together than it is about you kicking her out. Just my thoughts.
EXCELLENT Advice BRANDY MAZY,truly and boy do I agree......personally I'd let them stay there,not just visit,but i'm not tolerant to disrespect in my own house. I hope it works out for all concerned


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