I have been a free member of two pagan dsting sites. have i found a date because of them? NOPE!  And when they did find a profile that matches mine, all of a sudden, just to message that person, they want $19.99 a month! There are adult Video sites cheaper than that, and at least they deliver the product.

Even here the Pagan Singles group, I haven't found one person who's been in a relationship from it, although it's totally free.  OK, your opinions. Are pagan dating sites worth the money or simply worthless?


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I think most dating sites are a rip off for the most part, does not matter if they are geared towards one particular group or not.

There are a few free sites, but.............not really much going on in them either.

I haven't really checked too many of them out though, just not my thing. I want to find someone, but.........I guess I'm not wanting to pay for something that I don't think will work well. I could be wrong though. Have been before, lol.
I think all dating sites are worthless, for the most part. Pagan, non-pagan, free, paid, etc. It's on an individual basis, obviously, but that's my opinion.

I am a practicing Druid.  It is difficult to find anyone pagan, let alone any Druids.  I am in Indiana, near the Michigan border.  I have not found a dating site yet that is not a rip off.  Any ideas?

Nevertheless, ads on this forum promise me that I can order up a hottie from Russia anytime....


I click on them sometimes so PS can get some "click love" :)

they wont let you join if your pagan,jew, anything non christian...

depends on which sites ur trying to join maybe if their christian orientated but sites like Plentyof fish and datehookup will let you join.

i met my boyfriend on date hookup and we've been together 4 years now. I do agree though that it is based off of each users experience and preferences. 

I know a girl who was rejected, but she wasn't pagan. I can't remember the exact wording, but it had to do with her qualities being unfavorable.
Yep. They refunded her and everything.
Dating sites are allowed to discriminate Mel....and yes e harmony regects a lot of people. As for ny other dating sites, including the group here...I do not feel the need to join, I do not care if my mate is a pagan. But if these "free" sites are trying to charge you for your results, then I would keep looking......
Same thing happend to me and a Pagan ex of mine(we met through my soon-to-be ex hubby's gf) he told me he was turned down also.

I was rejected by EHarmony bc they could not find anyone "compatible with me".  That was the message I got anyways.


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