I have been a free member of two pagan dsting sites. have i found a date because of them? NOPE!  And when they did find a profile that matches mine, all of a sudden, just to message that person, they want $19.99 a month! There are adult Video sites cheaper than that, and at least they deliver the product.

Even here the Pagan Singles group, I haven't found one person who's been in a relationship from it, although it's totally free.  OK, your opinions. Are pagan dating sites worth the money or simply worthless?


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"you're not right in the head" radar

well I get that a lot, on- and offline O_o, I think the atheist/agnostic "front" wins because they don't bother to disguise their interest as a past life reunion and the likes, or dress it up in anything even more fancy. after all I like to feel like a woman.

For me, I've always done better with someone who respects and understands my beliefs but doesn't necessarily share them. Although, I have seen some really great Pagan couples, but for me, it always seemed to turn into a competition (on their end, I never could figure out what we were supposed to be competing for...lol) or a jealousy thing because I know and interact with a lot of people. I'm sure that wouldn't be the situation for all but for me, it didn't work out so well. Either way, I'm happy with my Agnostic man, he's smart and a good debate person it keeps me on my toes and it's never boring...lol

People who are all about arguing belief and politics in a relationship, are lacking affection, and they are compulsive. They are using these topics as a crutch for self-worth. I may be combative, but I know the difference between being a tyrant and going in for the occasional stimulating power struggle.

Sorry to say that, but people who are such fanatics need to stick to their hand or a dog, because they are unable to even regard their partner as remotely equal to their precious ideals/spirituality.

"Sorry to say that, but people who are such fanatics need to stick to their hand or a dog, because they are unable to even regard their partner as remotely equal to their precious ideals/spirituality."

YES. People who are too into their religion or their political leanings are unbearable.

I'd have no problems dating a Heathen, a Christian, an Atheist, or any other type of religious leanings.

So long as they aren't too into their belief system.

I could never date a Scientologist; they are too easily manipulated, there is no middle ground(they're all fanatical), and they hate actual science.

I'm a registered Democrat who is actually a real Republican(fiscal conservative), yet I voted for (N)Obama twice, and will do so again in November.

I could date someone of any political leaning... Just not someone who's dumb enough to believe the Romney/Ryan reform plan is anything other than what it is, more bull shit.

OK, your opinions. Are pagan dating sites worth the money or simply worthless?

My opinion...

All such sites are a rip-off. The site owners get wealthy on the shared loneliness of the members who pay for the barest possibility of hope at something semi-real... all the while what they seek may not even be online, but right outside their front door, somewhere out there beyond the walls they pay for.

Seems a bit like a casino, where people spend unbelievable amounts of money trying to win back what they have already lost five times over... the house always wins.

The ones I've viewed seemed dead. As for other types of dating sites, I've met some crazies, some arseholes/jerk-offs, and some fairly cool people from them. Nothing more, nothing less. 

I've met a few good people -- mostly though, I meet know one, and they seem to be getting worse for that.  To me, they're all scams (I know there are at least one or two actual free site that are OK, but even those don't seem to work for me).

Beings I was single about 12 years or more. I can tell ony that,  it seem that Pagan men at the time 40ty to one. I had ot go out of my comfort zone and get with a nice athiest.  I met him on Yahoo personals and paltnium personals I won a huge contest got a  huge mass load of free paid sites for free beleivei was deleting  adds for years afterwards.  Sending the left overs to, my single friends.

I did meet my husband off of it.  I did meet others before him old fashion way. 

Datings sites is potluck! I learned to Potluck  you gt what others bring otthe table.  I liekd networking ,  make firends with the oens you did match up with, so they can possibly hook you up.

Bars , cuircles, let people know your looking :() Meetup I met my husband on platnuim personals facebook here  craigslist.  polyamoury.com/ I see people in the supermarket, hospitals. charitys , co-ops. booksotres I see alot of people trying there.  I even scene T-shirts   with peoples  personal adds. How aoubt youtube?  Youtube is free so is  criagslist.  Oh yeah Oaslo ddi a monfied  spell by Ann moura tunred it into a attraction spell it owrked like a charm.

In my experience dating sites in general are a rip-off.  Basically they sell false hope (often using a bait-and-switch technique in which you are first given a "free" account that doesn't allow you really use the site first).  Generally, I find that, even if its hard or there aren't many people around that are right for you meeting in person, especially through naturally occurring encounters (not set up to "meet someone" but related to other activities or life in general) is still the best way.

My view on dating site in general is that they don't really work.  They often match you with people very far away unless you restrict it not to (and then the number of personal ad is often small).  Most sites have an inbalance of too many men for the number of women (except for matrimonial sites, where the reverse is often the case).  There are a lot of liars and players on most site, and most of the rest have become paranoid as a result and are reluctant to meet, or even talk with, anyone.  Also, it often seems a majority of the people using such sites (not everyone, by any means) are in one of two categories: (1) those who are not that desirable and thus desperates and, (2) those who are so picky they won't except anyone that is less than perfect by their standards.  (These two groups don't usually mix well, either.)

Also, they expect users to over-define themselves, more than I'm comfortable with (though maybe this is a sign I'm too uncertain about what I want to be looking?).

As for specifically pagan-oriented sites, I suspect the pool of potential dates on most is miniscule (due to the specialty niche for a technical minority and the fact that they are, consequently, small, little known sites).  Generally I don't trust them, or dating sites in general.

Also, just as word of warning, be very wary of "www.pagan-dating.com" -- being inexpensive I did go ahead and try to use that site -- though it wasn't much ($25 for a forever membership) they took it for a "platinum membership" and yet have me still listed as as "standard member" -- stay away, its starting to look like a scam to me!

Why didn't you come back to say that actually, paypal glitched and it didn't showme what you purchased, and I had emailed you for three days to ask you what you purchased, and only after a while you answered and I did upgrade your membership? Better to leave it like this to slander my name?

Good thing you reminded me your time as a platinum member is done. I had even forgotten to take it out.

Also, the membership is FREE. You only have to pay if you want to advertise or sell in the website's store (which is etsy-style and with no commission fee).

Back  in the day  just after  internet  was new and fresh I joined a few sites for free.  I met my hubby on a dating web site so I guess it was successful for me .

I heard people have had mixed results. Iam thinking why not youtube?  It is a free service?   You could make a movie about your self.  craigslist , facebook so forth why bother ot pay i heard they our huge rip offs.


I don't even know what a date is anymore.

If I take my wife to the hardware store to pick up a new wax toilet flange

( the used ones are cheaper, but they're gross!), I consider that a date - but I'm certain she doesn't.

She wants a series of events to come together sequentially in order for it to qualify as a date.

1.) Invitation. (even though we're well and truly married, it's the little nice things i guess. )

2.) A real destination that doesn't involve home improvement or automobile maintenance, with a defined calendar commitment.

3.) An activity, passive or participatory.

4.) A meal, prepared; with stimulating conversation that both of us have interest in.

5.) a romantic conclusion to the evening.

Can that be had from a dating site?

I hope so, for the single people out there that want real contact.

It makes us whole when we join with another.


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