Is it okay for my daughter and I, ( she is 10 ) to have different religions in the same household?

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Yes. My children and I have different religious beliefs. I let them believe in whatever they want and I don't put any pressure on them to learn my beliefs. However, they have asked me before and I have told them what they wanted to know. It is up to them to decide what their beliefs are. It is up to us to help them if we can.
Absolutely! My 11 year old daughter is searching for the right path for her. I make sure I never judge or badmouth any religions. I always tell her "as long as you find a path that makes you genuinely happy, I am happy for you." I would love for her to be Wiccan like me, but I know that ultimately it HAS to be her decision.
My 12 year old tells me I'm strange for my beliefs. At the same time, she asks me questions about spells. She wants me to teach her one, but I won't. I tell her that since she doesn't believe then it won't work for her. Maybe one day she'll follow the same path as me.
Thank you guys so much. She does not judge me and I do not judge her based on beliefs. So far it's been working pretty well for the both of us. She asks me questions to which I answer her truthfully and she seems satisfied with that. I really do appreciate the advice. Merry Part.
I absolutely agree with you Heather. I am almost 30 and I also work in home health. I love that my daughter has her own path, but wants to know about others as well. Perhaps she could take what she learns and use them to her advantage in her chosen path. My daughter and I couldn't be any more different than night and day, but we get along really well. So it works for us. I'm glad there are so many of us who let our children choose which path they will take. I was lucky. My mom is christian as well, and she let us choose our own path, too. My brother is agnostic and I am wiccan. We don't really see eye to eye on our religious beliefs, however, we don't argue about it either. We respect each others decisions. Blessed Be!-Rhiannon
A.) Why are you asking us? You're the parent. You make the rules.

B.) Why are you asking us? You should be asking your daughter how she feels about it and asking yourself how you feel about it and going from there.

I know I'm the parent, Scarlet. I was just asking some advice. I know exactly how my daughter feels about my preferences. She doesn't mind at all. I was mainly curious if others here did that with their children or if they taught their children to believe as they do. That's all. However if you seem to have a problem with my asking, you don't have to reply. I don't mean to upset anyone. I was just wondering. Blessed Be!
Thank you very much for the responses and the support. I appreciate it very much. I have great peace of mind knowing now that it is okay for us to be different. We try to understand what we love about each others preferences. What I mean is why we each love our beliefs. I try to understand hers and she tries to understand mine. Thanks again for the support. Blessed Be!-Rhiannon
That was kind of rude Scarlet.
People ask for advice, and parents REALLY need advice and support. Ultimatly Rhiannon will do what she feels is right, and approach things the way she feels she needs to approch them.
Kudos for asking Rhiannon, our Path is full of people doing Q&A, personally, it's perfectly normal for your daughter to have a different belief, considering, she does have her own opinion. I wouldn't be surprised if she changes her mind about 30 or 40 times before she settles on anything.
Many Blessings
It can work as long as you two are civil about it. I come from a home of a Pagan, Catholic and a Lutheran. We fight but not over faith.
as long as there is always mutual respect then you cant go wrong. all gods are one god. though our branches are different our roots are the same :) blessings!
Oh most certainly. My children are 6 and 7 and I would like for them to chose their own path. Although, I most certainly share a bit of mine. They don't exactly know what my path is but we do celebrate the changing of the seasons; I taught them how to make protection bubbles; they have their own mojo bags; my daughter has her own nature bowl; etc... But I am also open to answering questions about other beliefs. Its important while they are learning for them to understand the truth about all ways of life so that they can form an open opinion.


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