Is it okay for my daughter and I, ( she is 10 ) to have different religions in the same household?

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I believe it is because in my little corner of the world, i am a recovering catholic and while i try to at least understand all religions, I sent my son(12) to a catholic private school, because a) I live in Memphis and they (mho) are the only good schools in this area and b) I like the discipline and encouragement of being your best at everything. Now I have not hid anything from him as i am a single parent, and i have let him ask questions about my faith and he has chosen to follow my path on his own. He understands the witches pyramid and especially the be silent part of it. He too , understands the Catholic faith and at the same time, understands himself.

You bet! This is a great opportunity to teach tolerance of those who walk a different path!
i think children should be incouaged to follow spiritul paths as long as they are not destructive to there souls of other souls i think helping them define who they are at the age of 10 ia=s a good age my grandaughter is poking around into difrant beliefs ideas maybe not religions but soem spirtule things and what amazes me is that some of it is pretty deep as some of you may know i am a aold rock hound and crystal healer so shareing what i believ in is a way to expose to my grandchillian how to think outside the box and maybe grasp some deep meaning useing materal as guides ?

so the lil whipper snapers should be helped to ask about things and if they desagree have them disagrree with respect to you and otheres .this is healthy.

walk in peace and i will walk with you
Yes as long as you both respect each other. I have 2 Christian children. They don't live with me, but I do respect their belief and on occasion have been known to go to church with them. My middle 2 ages 8 and 9 are currently professing to be Pagan. This may change as they get older. I doubt it will for my 9 yr old but who knows. My youngest two are still toddlers so their paths are still a mystery. I don't care which path my children choose as long as they are happy and they have respect for others and their beliefs.
It is always best to let people make up there own minds about their beliefs, after all, they are theirs and nobody elses. Personally i disagree with such things as baptism etc, why should a parent choose the beliefs of their children? I also disagree with religion being intrinsically linked to education. I was brought up Roman Catholic and was taught that there was one true god as fact. We should leave faith out of education and just teach facts not opinions. finally i believe it is a parent's responsibility to bring children up with respect for others and to teach morality. My two children are being brought up catholic by their mother who is wiccan. I see no problems with this as long as it is explained that all religous views are simply the opinions of another and that they are free to explore their own beliefs without judgement.
p.S my daughter's name is also Rhiannon and she is 10 years old. Kinda spooky...
of course.... Your child will appreciate it if you are open minded enough to let her chose her own path
Let me ask you this! If one was raised as a Christian,, then would it not be fair to say that the child would be raised the same, no mater the Faith or belief? And, would they not be advised of others beliefs and learn to respect them?

Now switch it it all around!

If a Child is raised as pagan, then would it not be fair to say that a child would be raise the same, no matter the Faith or belief? And, would they not be advised of others beliefs and learn to respect them?

We all learn from each other, and if most don't, most Pagans know more about the Christian Faiths and Beliefs then the Christians do. We study, we Learn, we don't preach, we answer if asked. We care, and for the most part, we do not judge. So you answer this one hun, as it does not matter were you come too, as long as you are comfortable and love yourself and your life as is and teach your child the way you wish, they will learn and love you for being honest about it all.

My answer would be YES!



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