Im sorry, but Im personally horrified at not only the concept of a "high council" that thinks it speaks for MY beliefs for me (when there's no way they could comprehend my beliefs) but the concept of deleting a conversation that goes the wrong way because it's creators were caught lying is ABHORRENT.


I am now *totally* against this concept and the people who are trying to impliment it.

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Then you would be banned from here PAGAN HEART a long time ago..your a funny little woman. I think you truely DO believe you are in the right. I think that is a type of medical or mental condition. My David's X wife believes things too ,for real,that arent.....

This was a triumph... Im making a note here, HUGE SUCCESS.
Domain name: webs.com

Registrant Contact:
Webs, Inc.
Webs Inc. ()

1100 Wayne Ave.
Suite 801
Silver Spring, MD 20910

Administrative Contact:
Webs, Inc.
Webs Inc. (inquiries@webs.com)
Fax: +1.3019609010
1100 Wayne Ave.
Suite 801
Silver Spring, MD 20910

Technical Contact:
Webs, Inc.
Haroon Mokhtarzada (inquiries@webs.com)
Fax: +1.8775986687
1100 Wayne Ave.
Suite 801
Silver Spring, MD 20910

REPORTING Pagan Heart's plagiarism can also be done through these phone numbers... these are the hosts for the webs.com server she runs her stolen website through, and these would be the people who will take it down immediately when they discover it's all stolen material.
THANKS MATT!! For posting these!
Reported to the domain abuse contact.

However, dear, did you know that all of your personal information, address, and phonenumber are also listed all over the place? www.erlan.org/ has your listing under "pagan justice" which is a bit funny seeing as you just got out of prison fairly recently... I wonder how your parole officers would feel about plagiarism charges?

And you think you're a leader.

I think she honestly believes hitting the DELETE button IS all it takes.......for it to go away

Simple Battery, deposit account fraud Court date is 22 September... not only did you raise your hand in violence to another person, but you stole money.


You know, its not going well for you. Seriously. These online things? They have consequences... you might want to remember that, as its quite a valuable little lesson.

However, it VERY CLEARLY says to the rest of us that you are in NO POSITION to hold religious authority, speak for others, or run any kind of high council OR justice league of wiccamerica no matter how you pout and play the victim. You're a criminal; caught and exposed.

Damn Straight.  BUSTED.  OH were you in that magazine!?
She's probably in the local little arrest tabloid in my city. I'll have to go hit up my 7-11 and see


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