Im sorry, but Im personally horrified at not only the concept of a "high council" that thinks it speaks for MY beliefs for me (when there's no way they could comprehend my beliefs) but the concept of deleting a conversation that goes the wrong way because it's creators were caught lying is ABHORRENT.


I am now *totally* against this concept and the people who are trying to impliment it.

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I am not C'Lass, but they do it in my town too. ROFL
I know, i gotta check out the North Ga edition.
You are still liable for the plagiarism you committed while using the page. Whether or not the page still exists or is in use, a crime was committed - and you are answerable for it. I must add that I simply love your notion of how the law works, and sincerely hope the judge and/or jury you face finds it as entertaining.
YOU truely dont "GET IT" yet do you PAGAN HEART? AMAZING......its called accountabilty.opinions are one thing what we banter about here all the time.....DELETING it wont make it go away.....you really cannot be this uneducated or unwordly on how the written word works on onliner forms,are you? You think deleting it makes it go away? FCC laws......lol,you will care,whether you choose to or not.youve been in jail before,anyway? right?
Give her a break, C'lass. She's not that bright, really. Poor kid had an original thought once, but it died of sheer loneliness. It's not her fault...just look at her "dad's" posts. Obviously there's a genetic flaw somewhere.
Do we have to translate it into backwoods Georgia and simply say "You ain't been to smart there girlie" ? ;)
Bwhahahaha!!!!!!  Shes runnin skurred naow.  We done sicced the dawgs on her.  I hear em treein a biggun.
I imagine this is you, all fluffy and pissed off.
And *POOF* Pagan Heart is gone.....
SHE's GONE from PS now?

Looks like it.  I can't find her page anymore.



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