Im sorry, but Im personally horrified at not only the concept of a "high council" that thinks it speaks for MY beliefs for me (when there's no way they could comprehend my beliefs) but the concept of deleting a conversation that goes the wrong way because it's creators were caught lying is ABHORRENT.


I am now *totally* against this concept and the people who are trying to impliment it.

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Couldn't take the heat I guess? Or we're just not fluffy enough for her.

Thank you, Houngan Matt, for opening the thread that allowed everything to come to completion.  I can't say thank you enough.

Thank you everyone who followed up with the research necessary to finish this.

Thank you to everyone who posted opinions and backup to the objections noted.

Oh, and remind me never to piss off you folks....you are great!


You're welcome. ;) I dont tolerate bullshit very well. ;)


FOR THOSE WHO MAY STILL BE ON THE FB GROUP, especially its moderators, please feel free to seek me out on facebook; my user name there is Bozanfe Bon Oungan. You should know your "leader" was a criminal (assault and deposit account fraud, court date 9/22) who has no knowledge of the areas she was trying to steer you in to. Im not against all of ya... just the fraud who was leading you blindly into her folly.

THERE is a DISCLAIMER on FB too against the group....
If we're lucky they will follow suit and delete themselves also. So does this mean the LPC won? :)
Where do I sign up?

When you think about it, why is deleting her site (unless PS Admin did that) any different from anything else she deleted?


Thank yous around still apply.

WE got INSIDE intel....and are monitoring the shenanigans......and they have no clue who it or they are......LOL
What happened to the open letter Dali wrote? I had left for a few minutes and it's gone?
Dali didnt delete it either.

I think that its completely wrong that this person for WEEKS has been allowed to spew her lies and stolen info here, yet someone can write a psa warning her and everyone on this forum of her deceit and it be removed.

I call BULLSHIT!   Moderation = censorship here.

It got removed? Well dammit. The PSA should have stayed up.


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