Im sorry, but Im personally horrified at not only the concept of a "high council" that thinks it speaks for MY beliefs for me (when there's no way they could comprehend my beliefs) but the concept of deleting a conversation that goes the wrong way because it's creators were caught lying is ABHORRENT.


I am now *totally* against this concept and the people who are trying to impliment it.

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If you ain't shitting rainbows they aren't interested



Im probably going to close out replies to this discussion fairly soon... it's done its thing, and we dont need to be bickering about the same ol' shit anymore.


Im *NOT* deleting it... it gets to stay to be read over when people feel they need it, but it doesnt need to be an open discussion anymore. We can move past this now that we're done working on it... so Im gonna close it in a little bit. Finish up your stuff. ;)

But I have so many one-liners left to use! You meanie poopoohead.



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