Can I have information on Palmyrene Paganism, I’ve started to worship the gods Baal Shamin, Aglibôl, and Malekbal. How did the Pantheon work in general and can I have some information on the Palmyrene gods?

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Below are some documents from my personal Library in Pdf - Trust that they can help..


Palmyra, Past and Present c1901

This book is hand typed - so only every even page is typed on - it is hard reading - suggest you take it in it is printed in blue ink...
You should set the view to single page - and enlarge the size to make it easy on the eyes...



Caravan Gods of Palmyra

Caravan-Gods of Palmyra - 1932 part section

This is just a partial section that directly relates to the Divinity aspect...

Temples of the Palmyrene Gods

Temples of the Palmyrene Gods - Photo records

These are images of the Temples as preserved...helps you get a feel of areas etc

Palmyra and Hatra - Palyerian Deities

Palmyra & Hatra - God Forms

Partial Text form associated to that value...

Religious Syncretism - Palmyra

Religious Syncretism - Palmyra

Seems that some of the Files did not load..


I did try again - but it may have to be sent as a attachment - not sure why Ning is unable to load these two files... so message me if you are interested...

Never heard that term palymra, there is alot of information aout Baal in the bible!


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