So this is a semi rant plus discussion. I have recently talked about the Ouija board with some witches. I said that they can be used properly if spiritual precautions are taken. I also think peoples' fear taints the experience. They talked to me like a total newbie because "everyone knows how dangerous they are." I was surprised how much fear was behind it with no thought. I don't think that one has to or needs to use one but you'd swear by the way that they spoke about it, Captain Howdy made it out of the skin of unbaptized children. How do you feel about them? Is it any more dangerous than spirit communication via Tarot, pendulum or anything else? If so why? Personally I think the classic board looks cool but I'm mildly goth I guess. 

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That would be pretty dangerous because I am kind of a neurotic person, lol!

And because I love my drag queens just for fun:

Isn't it great? I love the movie nods too. Plus it's super catchy. She is a Rupaul's Drag Race Girl. I got to see her do it in person last Halloween but I was pretty tipsy by the time it happened lol!

"How do you feel about them?"

I feel they're no more dangerous than tarot cards, scrying mirrors or bowls, pendulums, pencil and paper(for those of you, who do automatic writing) or any other tool of divination.

Thanks to the internet and social networks like FACEBOOK, ouija seekers can have multitudes of video and recent accounts of people using talking boards for various reasons. Fear and religious based hysteria over spirits and divination create the fear panic factor with some ouija experimenters, horror movies add to the paranoia. On Youtube there are some better reaction sessions accounts. 

For some it would be sensible not to do ouija sessions where one lives, nor in graveyards or haunted places until one has more experiences and that do personal energy banishings after doing any kind of spiritism or necromancy.

The mixed public reaction, occultist's tolerance to Warlock celebrity Christian Day wrote a basic primer on spiritism and divination called THE WITCHES BOOK OF THE DEAD available on the net.

it was ghost written.......... Christian Day couldnt write his way out of his tight whites.

Thank you, Spooky.

I know they say, "never read the comments," but alas here I am, it's 2:33 in the morning and I'm bored and I saw one of the replies to your comments and thought I would clear up some misconceptions.

Is this old chestnut still being passed around? No, my book was not ghostwritten, unless you consider the fact that a lot of ghosts formed the opinions contained therein. After having written enough droning opinions over the years, I imagine that even my most ardent detractors wouldn't doubt my ability to fill 300 pages (or 300 hours) with my words. I do so love the look of them. I certainly never drop any name quite as much as I drop my own. ;)

So that folks reading this understand the backdrop of this book, I was originally going to write it with my best friend and business partner, Shawn Poirier. Sadly, he died in 2007 and that was not to be. At that time I felt, like Forestmuse, that perhaps I was not capable of writing a book and so I asked my friend Rosemary Ellen Guiley to be my "with" author, so that my ideas could be presented effectively. She did not want to be a "with" author, and, given her name (which is dropped a lot more often than mine ever will be, I'm sure), I can understand it. So it was to be by Christian Day and Rosemary Ellen Guiley and she would write half the chapters, I would write the other half, and then we would add one another to the half that the other had written. Over time, as we tried to mesh Rosemary's experiences and my own, it became very clear that the book needed to reflect not only my experiences, but my editorial voice as well. Since we had already written most of the book, it then became a matter of her making edits to my chapters (of which there were extremely few—with her commending me on my ability to both write and self-edit) and my taking her chapters and adding my personality to those. Since the book was no to me mine alone, my job was actually harder since she did not have to infuse her editorial voice into my parts. Rosemary's writing style is very popular and great for informational books, but it is less anecdotal and sarcastic than my own, so I spent quite some time writing and rewriting the chapters she sent me, keeping much of her content as well while adding my personality to it. Perhaps also of note, Raven Grimassi (whose name I will gladly drop wherever I can) pointed me in the direction of Google Books and Storm Cestavani (a great astrologer whose name should be dropped as well) pointed me in the direction of Questia and both provided me with an incredible amount of primary source material. The book's research into the history of the Dumb Supper, never done in any book that I've ever seen and tracing it back to the Manx culture of the Isle of Man, was entirely my own. I am very grateful to Rosemary for helping on the book and I consider it to be a true treasure between us, but she also helped me to realize that I don't exactly need help to put a book out. At this point, what I really need is  more time. Three retails shops, two festivals, and a psychic hotline don't exactly leave me much time to scribble my thoughts.

And while I may jest about the name-dropping, anyone who knows me in personal life knows that I am quite anecdotal in my communication style. I could very easily be telling stories about people nobody's ever heard of as I might talk about someone that everyone has. For me, it's all about the story and the context. Whoever I mentioned in that book was not mentioned for how important I think people might think they are, but rather what they meant to the story. And, as I do in my everyday life, the book was filled with anecdotes of people that nobody's ever heard of—though I certainly hoped I helped those individuals to reach more people with their work as a result of my writing.

I am always a Facebook, an Email, and even a Paganspace away. Anyone who has a question of my work or anything else is always perfectly welcome to ask me.

Blessings from New Orleans,

Christian Day

Thank you! It's in Chapter 13, which was probably my favorite to write because it explores Festivals of the dead in different cultures. Weiser was very kind and did an audio version of my book as well, though the reader kinda sounds like the guy from the old Ovaltine commercials. :-D

Here's a secret to research I discovered on Google books. When you're searching a term, narrow the date ranges until you only get three pages or so of listings. Then you'll know you have everything that Google has on that subject for that date range. That was how I tracked the Dumb Supper and a number of other topics. The earliest information I could find on the supper was as a divination ritual to identify one's future husband. It was a bit of a shocker given its modern association with the dead. Still, there are certainly many instances in ancient culture where food was shared with the dead so I don't mind that the Dumb Supper today has become yet another way to honor them.

"the name is an anagram" — Rosemary's Baby. :-D

My favorite character on Game of Thrones is Tyrion and Schaid is great, especially since Adalind Schade is one of my favorite characters on Grimm!

And yes, I'm right there with you on Kindle. My friends make fun of me because they like the feel and smell of a book. I prefer the searchable text! That's awesome that you're maximizing Google books. It makes such a difference. 

My favorite name connection is ... Christsonday ... the Man in Black. :-D

When I first heard about that, many many years after first exploring the Craft, I thought, yep, this is it. I'm the antichrist. *snort*

I actually used to bring my ouija in the nearby cemetary when I was 12 and I turned out......nevermind. 

Steve Huff writes-
Spirits are just like us. They are not able to know future events, lottery numbers or what happened in a place they were not. They can not answer questions about heaven, as all most of them know is a grey foggy space. So they do not have all the answers, and in many cases they want answers from us. Some may know some details, but they never know all things.

3rd video is Steve Huff using his portal box in a cemetery. Good supernatual movie feel.


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