Over the last couple of days there has been two paranormal type incidents in my house. The whole year prior to this there has been none. I’ve only lived here shortly over one year.

The first incident occurred Saturday. I heard voices of more than one person speaking very low but could not understand what they were saying. Then right after the voices a door slammed shut in another room. I went to investigate but found nothing.

Last night I heard a single voice speaking very low again. Then someone sat down on my bed. Of course, I was the only one in the bedroom.

Lately I’ve been reading a lot of fiction based paranormal stories. Do you think my mind is creating these incidents? Or somehow by reading these stories I am fueling the energy for paranormal activity?

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Don't be scared it hasn't harmed you. Be patient you'll hear the voice clearly soon.

Very true, no worry. It will be interesting to hear the voice clearly.

Hope you give us an update if any words clears up.

I will Consuelo. I haven't heard any more voices, just some unusual raps on the walls.

It could be a residual haunting which occurs at the same time every year. You missed it last year because you were pre-occupied with other things. 

Or it is your own sub-conscious mind creating it because of the ghost stories you have been reading. Try reading other things for a couple of weeks and see how that goes.

Residual, quite possible, I was pre-occupied at this time last year.

My sub-conscious may be working overtime. I've been doing a lot of paranormal fiction reading.

The energy that feeds paranormal activity is like the weather, it changes everyday. This will likely stop at some point and may or may not start back up again later. However, if it's bothering you, a simple banishing should ground the energy. A little water and salt, blessed and lightly sprinkled on the doorways should do the trick with a declaration of ownership in the house.

Yes, nothing to worry about, no bother. It changes everyday.

You can ask the spirit to speak more clearly and maybe find out what they are saying. The reading may have opened your energies up so that those in the spirit state can tell you are sensitive to them. That doesn't necessarily fuel them but it might let them know you are sensitive to their presence so they feel safer or more excited to reveal their presence. 

Thank you, that makes sense to me.

But only if you're interested in finding out.

I've had 4 paranormal things happen to me in my house over the years.  And I'm really not interested in being haunted.  So I just ignore them.

That's true too. I may not want to know what they say.


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