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French Society is on Trial    <- that has to be the best title yet.

The only question I have, is who would care enough about France to start a fire in their country?  No surprises really, this year abounds with energy.  Was this caused?  Of course it was.  The only real question is why?


ps :) Dokken had a nice out look on Paris too...

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Off with their heads !!!!
Evidently not... :) oh well .. Vive La France.. and burn it all down. :)


.... there was a point to this post, really its not just about the effects. Paris burning... Paris and France in general fighting internally to their own country when they really shouldn't be.

The question this leads to is, "Why?" Never mind all of the "reasons... that are plausibly apparent in hind sight." What was the impetuous that began the concept: A City in Flames. And not just any city, but specifically a City in France. The greater Paris metropolis includes quite a large portion of France.

Look past all the "creeping events" of this city in flames, what is the cause? (drawing on another post) .. what is the invisible speedy thing that creates movement of the air, loud noises not unlike a high performance race car engine and screeches of tires, pressure of air moving outwards, the whine similar to turbines, and other facets of what might be a race car on a track - if it wasn't hidden and we could only measure its existence by the traces it leaves. This shouldn't be a long stretch.

Paris has a few fires, but it also has riots in the streets, significant blockage of normal life, shortages of resources, and even hints of rebellion. These are all symptoms of the "cause".

What is the cause, behind this City that is Burning?


ps .. The ignorant blame the symptoms of unrest, the wise understand why there are symptoms.
France has a long tradition of riots, revolts, upside of it is that they also have "protest culture", if something goes wrong, the unions will arrange everything within hours, and then you have thousand people on the streets, with creative transparents, music and whatnot, and it is all over the news.

Addressing what goes wrong in France is, for me as a non-French European, a little risqué, but there certainly does. Chirac was not exactly a pleasure to have around, and now this weird Sarkozy person, which looks as it jumped right out of a movie like "Brasil" wonder. EU presents itself as a more tricky challenge as it promised to be, even for the French, and their internal issues with immigration and under privileged "caste" are easy to point one fingers at, and difficult to fully understand.

ps .. The ignorant blame the symptoms of unrest, the wise understand why there are symptoms.
ohcomeon. It is France.
Okay.. it is France... still the quote applies in general.

:) Firah


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