Who is your patron God/Goddess? How did they speak to you and choose you? Or did you choose them?

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I feel like Gaia the greek goddess of the earth is my patron deity. I know this my sound crazy but I swear she calls to me. I feel her. I'm not really used being called by anceint deities but This feel so real

Vidar is my patron deity. I have not seen him manifest, however I have seen him during some meditations.

The lessons of Vidar are important ot me. Being the god of silence is an important one. I used to be very quite and withdrawn, perhaps the reason I'm drawn to him. I'm more social now, but Ieven know and the I get this nagging as if I should quite up and listen. So far Vidar's advice in this regard has prove valuable. As a god of vengeance has taught me to be steadfast in my believes and fight for what is right, and more importantly to recognize a fight not worth fighting!

The ones whom I refer to my Patrons are Thoth and Athena, but I'm receptive to a lot of other Gods and Goddesses as well since I have worked with such as Aphrodite, Isis, and most recently Hecate. I say the more the merrier, they're not just my guides and teachers I consider them as a part of my spiritual family as well.

My patron God is Quan Yin. It happened by chance, I was mesmerized by a statue that I ended up buying. Then, as I learned more about him, he became even more important in my life.

I thought Quan Yin was a goddess?

She is, as far as I can remember. Isn't she pretty much the Eastern version of Lady Mary from Christian teachings with her own back story in the East?

Crystal likely meant her in any case.

Lada :)    

Click the link if you like 

I find the link very useful thank you. I have been receiving messages from a light goddess, and from the information it may be Lada. I will have to do some meditations and such to test this theory, but I thank you for sharing :)

The first of the two that came to me, was freya with a test.  She asked me to do something but regardless what was done, she first asked me who she was. before this, i have never heard her name before but when she asked me, I knew exactly who she was.  After this, I started getting other visions, and dreams of Odin.  Whom basically stated, I was his.  so in this, Odin and freya, since the visions and dreams and everything else I do revolve around them.  They chose me, even though at the time i was doing something else.  After this happened, I felt a major pull towards both Odin and freya, which is whom i have today.

I worked with Nehain very closely for awhile. She helped me to get over this crippling anxiety I felt whenever I was faced with a lot of projects and was keeping me from sleeping, which in turn made it harder to be creative and do well on the project. It really brought me to where I could discern the difference between passionate frenzy and chaos, and destructive frenzy and chaos. Now I still bite off more than I can chew, but emotionally I handle it better.

Yes.  :)

Depends, it can be either or both.  (Sorry.)

For what it's worth, I made my choice and backed it up with an oath.


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