Everyday I receive about 12 e-mails from my aunt on my father's side. About 85% of those are what I call "Obama hate mail". One was actually a six minute video about how Jesus named Obama as the anti-christ. So, I sent a very polite, loving, but firm note asking to not receive these messages anymore. I wrote that I'd love to see photos of beautiful things and stories of loving people, but no more hate mail.

I received the following message in response;
"Glad to receive this from you--I make it a policy not to cast pearls before swine!"

This woman professes Christianity at EVERY given moment. ..but is pissed off because I don't want to have my e-mail loaded with racist, hateful, narrow-minded bullshit. I am always amazed by people

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This light switch is WRONG in so many ways.
Well here is their interpretation of that verse " Love thy neighbor, if he's just like you everyone else deserves your hate and intolerance" " Do unto others..whatever you feel is your right to do even if you have to falsely claim that it's in the name of the God you claim loves everyone..pfftt yeah right."
Call in a SWAT team, and tell them that the Xtians are armed and dangerous. . .
Now that's not something that you think of Googling every day huh?
I get the emails also that say God is going to bless you if you send this to 20 people. It is a scam and carries viruses. I just delete and go on my merry way. Always Obama slamming crap. I do not like shit sent to my puter either that is nothing more than propaganda. I finally told a few that were sending me this crap not to send anymore and they never sent me an email again. Mission accomplished :)

People who spread hate mail are just annoying. If you dislike something so strongly, find a group of people who feel the same way, and rant at them. Leave us out of it! I, personally, don't approve of anyone in American politics, but I won't go out of my way to badmouth them over it. You were more then right to ask them to stop, and not everyone would have said it as nicely as you did! :P
Always remember: it is so easy to hate - for it takes no thought or reason to hate. Hate comes from anger, which comes from fear.

Love is hard work. But the fruits of it are delicious and nutritious (great - now I'm a commercial! LOL)

Coby has a habit of talking about Obama every night when he comes home from work. He's not quite as bad as your aunt, but he may get there if I don't stop him. I smile and calmly tell him he needs to pray for Obama, not hate him. Of course, I guess I could be accused of casting pearls before swine, but I just don't see the need to belittle, hate and judge other people. In fact, if your aunt is a Christian, then she's breaking that order--judge not, lest you be judge. A lot of professed Christians break that order. I call myself a Christian because I truly love Christ. I love what He stood for. I guess I'm at least half pagan because I find the majority of pagans more loving, understand, and open minded than the majority of Christians.
I was told by a Christian at work that I was more like a Christian than most Christians he knew...then I said.."That's kind of sad isnt it?" He said " Now that I think about it..yeah that is kind of sad." I still revere the teachings of Jesus in the Bible, you know the ones that are in red. I find most Christians just ignore those and would rather listen to Paul's teachings which were not very Christ like. I don't ever remember Jesus ever subjugating a woman, as a matter of fact he always seemed to revere them.


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