So here's a moral/ethical question for you...


if someone believes that they are the avatar of a god form or mememplex, how responsible should you hold them for thier personal actions ?

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So having said all this, and most of you agreeing with me...


Scenario 1

Lets say you have a GF who says she is an avatar of BABALON, and works with her as the Scarlet Woman repeatedly. She says she loves you and plans of a future with you.  Then, she gets distant, and you get worried. You end up tailspinning into a co-dependent feedback loop in which supposedly both of you end up with medication and therapy but she refuses to admit her part in the co dependency...which can be summed up in a blog such as this:


Here’s what we have learned thus far:

Avatars of Babalon will mark men; that’s just how that works. Sex: a binding ritual, a shared condition or the attachment to the Goddess. Love: a contractual agreement, forever that elusive fantasy or a broken heart. Chaos and Transformation: the turning of worlds, battle wounds or a change of assets. If one is not marked by any of these, then he shall be with Fire.

She is not one to be forgotten or cast off. The Scarlet Woman’s sensory hooks are tenacious.


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In a conversation with this woman later, it is implied that either did not take medication nor ever went to therapy.  She is perfectly fine with her actions
Do you think this woman is really interested in a permanent relationship? Ever? Do you really think she means it when she says she loves you? What happens when you find out that out of six or seven guys that you know shes dated, four have been online internet connections in occult or pagan forums.  During three of the men she dated entertained suicidal thoughts because of the co dependent loops she helped put them in.
What then?

Uh, did this happen to "a friend of yours", perhaps?


I don't think you are asking the right question. Is what "she" is doing wrong?


I mean, is it wrong to "not be interested in a permanent relationship", for instance?

There is a lot implied in this scenario, but I don't know who has the real "issue", you or her - I mean, your friend or her. I guess what I'm asking is, what is wrong with the scenario, specifically? Maybe I have different "morals", but I don't get it.

lets say, Puffin, that one of the things you both agreed to was that you were entering a relationship based on love. You both said the words, knew what they meant.  If the change came in the relationship, there was no communication about this spiritual change, the regular codependent blame game gets played.


What would you think if the person you loved turned into Lady Gaga in the middle of the relationship, then instead of trying to work with you to accept that part of themslebves, just pushed you way?


Then you find out shes'd done this exact same pattern to others.

What's more, she knows her sense of power comes from the people she can attract and manipulate and makes no bones about liking it.


And Puffin, you don't have differnt morals, you're just a hypocrite and don't realize it.


Think about all the social causes you embrace. Change in governments, Change in policy, gay rights, etc.  Yet each of these movements is asking something bigger to be responsible for it's actions towards the smaller.   You're asking for a thoughtform that hides behind the idea of "interests of the majority" for it's actions to change, when you really know it's just a minority that guides it. 



I think I understand what you are saying, but it kind of bothers me. And its funny, because the reason it bothers me is because I have so much integrity.


I really don't see how I am being a hypocrite, and you have not helped me realize it.


I guess I don't know how dedicated to the relationship she was "supposed" to be, I don't really think that way, because it implies some sort of contractual obligation, which to me makes love strange, and can hurt love.


I don't think I am being a hypocrite at all - I advocate love. And I am a little bothered by possessive love, anyway - so I don't know if you are right in what you assume my morals are, since you apparently find possessive love to be moral. I do too, but in a very limited sense, while it seems like it is really bothering you.


Gaga has a song, Americano, in which she sings "She don't care if your paper or your love is the law"   - I don't know what we should make of that, but it makes me wonder:


What do you think of feminism, Corona?

I think I understand what you are saying, but it kind of bothers me. And its funny, because the reason it bothers me is because I have so much integrity.


Do you ? Any corporate, government or social entitiy is in it's own way just as powerful (if not more so) than any godform. And they ARE constructed entirely the same way. A group of people get together and create an entity. This entity represents an artifical person who is recognized by the social construct as having certain rights and powers within the say of social construct.  It does not matter whether it's InBev or Jehova.


Thus your argument in saying the godform is responsible behavior of the people. However, if such is the case, then it does no good to protest. You cannot destroy the egregore and think it's over and done, because people will be right there to create another one.  And it is not what they think the godform IS that is the problem, but rather what they choose to ignore about their own hypocrisy.  The Tea Party is supposedly about Fiscal responsibility, yet it's actions have directly contributed to this country being held as fiscally irresponsible by the people holding our debts. So did the Liberals.


In another way, you have groups like PETA (People for the ethical treatment of animals) more often than not using shock treatment tactics to drive their message home. What they usually don't get (until a lawsuit or two later) is that shock tactics themselves are traumatic.  Thus a group endorsing the ethical treatment of animals becomes unethical in the treatment of animals...humans.


So when you protest for gay rights or whatever cause d'jour you find yourself sensitive to, what's the most effective way of change? yes, you get your message out by preaching to the masses, tracting, and mass marches. also call out the individuals who are responsible for creating and and endorsing the view you protest that you feel needs to be changed, do you not? It is not in the end the thoughtform itself that is wrong.  It is the people who hide behind the authority of the godform and invest thier own aims into it that are responsible for it's actions.


If you want to change policy, you vote. You don't nuke Washington. You try and take the people who endorse and protect the systems and behaviors outof office and repace them with someone who seems to be closer in line with your own views.


Thats holding someone to personal accountability. Just like protesters who demonize CEO's.


Think about that the next time you hold up a sign with some assholes face on it with a great big red line through it.


I guess I don't know how dedicated to the relationship she was "supposed" to be, I don't really think that way, because it implies some sort of contractual obligation, which to me makes love strange, and can hurt love.


The only thing that was contractual in the relationship was.


1.Open and honest.





But the fact of the matter is that we both broke these rules. Not just her. Not just me.  However, I'm not going to say it was my spiritual right to do so.  I made my decisions. I knew what caused them. And I have and will again apologize to the people I have hurt out of fear or misunderstanding. She is one...however..Freedom isn't free...If I own my shit, I should get the get out of jail free card.  If she wants to just slam the door, that's fine. I can't do a damned thing about that. But if it seems obvious that she really CANT keep that door shut. Or she allows or endorses others through silent approval to do so, then we have an issue. In the end, it is not the relationship or it's ending I cannot accept. It is the passive agressive bullshit and manipulation after the fact which hinders me from moving on and healing because she needs for feel like a vicitim instead of conspiritor that I cannot.


People fuck up relationships. Sad but true.  But to make someone suffer beyond what was inflicted upon them is sick sad and proof of my own stupidity in ever trusting that person to understand what honesty and communication really were.  It is not BABALON which harasses me, it is someone doing so thinking it is what she has a right to do AS BABALON to make me pay for violations she partook in as well.



I don't think I am being a hypocrite at all - I advocate love. And I am a little bothered by possessive love, anyway - so I don't know if you are right in what you assume my morals are, since you apparently find possessive love to be moral.


I do not find love to be possessive. She does. read the exceprt again. Whats more, she beleives through Babalon, she has the right to keep using those hooks as she pleases, even after the termination or annulment of the contract. She believes she has the right to do so through her moral right as BABALON's avatar.  That is what the issue is.


When the phuca takes you for a ride, he takes you for a ride, but after it's done, he leaves. He does not turn around and force you to get on again. THAT'S THE DEAL.


What do you think of feminism, Corona?

I think it's just like any other "ism". It's a socio economic gestalt which has risen from an observed inequality of the current status quo. Every is "ism" is like that.





....and so on.  You buy into based on how much you perceive your treatment matches the need for the gestalt to shape your perception of the world and how it works.  Even Discordianism *wink*.


Just one note... if this person really was the avatar, then the target of her intentions would not be capable of writing a letter to this effect.  Bindings such as those turn a person into a pet, or a servant, or a minion so completely that there is nothing left of the individual.  Which is quite sad really, it was the individual whom held real interest.


Since that hasn't happened the person you are writing about is not what they claim to be.



on the money firewae.

it was the individual i was in love with. 

Corona, I appreciate the lengthy reply. It's really "funny" and dramatic how we are in similar positions, relative to love, right now -

trying to get over a break up.

Let's be friends, shall we? I REALLY need to talk about losing love, or even finding it I wish i had something to report, but I know LOTS about losing it.

We should talk,

But if we want to try and keep me from crying, maybe we can do some of the philosophical dancing?

Like, Im not sure about your point in the 1st part - are you saying it is Good to demonize the CEO's, "class warfare", etc? Cuz I would agree - but then you say i should think twice about who is on the sign? Who do you suggest? A mirror?

*Wink*?  Someone told me in chat last night that Gaga was Luciferian. He seemed to know more about everything than anyone I ever met here, so maybe I will take his word for that, or look into it.

How long did you ignore the hooks of anothers manipulation thinking you deserved it?  Everyone makes their choices to be part of one machine or another, but how one chooses to move within that machine is also a matter of choice, true? 


I would have NEVER believed I "deserved" it in the first place,why would you?
What you describe PATIENCE ,is giving away ones' own empowerment,which happens at times and hopefully the self worth is regained and the person "sees" the issue,then becomes empowered. I hope you are able to do so.NO ONE can live their life for another. We are our OWN center first.....and allowing anyone to take that away from us,belittles who we are. It happens. People get stronger,tougher and wiser......NEVER to allow it again,someone else controlling you.
I appreciate you sharing on here and I'm sure many others do too,PATIENCE,really...Your "INNER VOICE" can be a great guide or can piss you off,or can kick you in the butt,at times......moving forward,always is what any of us do.....daily.......One thing I know and live by,be your OWN biggest fan and friend,then when others get to you,YOU have YOU to fall back on.....Hope you continue to be empowered and get strong.


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