So, personally I hate plagiarism as I think if a person is going to go on record as actually having something to say, they should have something to say that is actually theirs.


Most people seem not to know that plagiarism is actually a crime, punishable by time or by fees depending on the jurisdiction (and in academic settings at least usually results in being expelled from the school/college/university). When it's seen online it is no less a crime; I heartily recommend turning in people who are found to be passing off another's writing as their own to the original author if at all possible; it is incredibly easy to have such a site taken down when it can be proven that the words are stolen intellectual property.


Look at this gem; "written" by paganspace's own Pagan Heart: (Time stamped September 6th of this year, just last week)


And now see it in its original setting on it's real authors page:


How do you (if it has happened to you) or would you (if it has not to your knowledge) react if it turned out your work was being stolen and passed off as someone elses? What would you do? How would you feel?

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pissed, but many members here do or have done it, they get really pissed if you point it out to them too, like you just committed a crime
Eh... in this instance (Pagan Heart's theft of the site I listed above) the original author has her contact info posted on her site as well as an email contact option... so I turned in the Pagan Spacer who stole all of her material and told her how to report it to the theif's ISP and webhost. Im sure she'll be fairly pissed that Pagan Heart "wrote" a website out of all of her material.

All of it? 

Wow, talk about a huge fine if the writer chooses to act. 


HOPEFULLY the AUTHOR WILL!! I saw someone so pissed off on here once because they reposted a recipe and didnt give the person credit for it,no kidding.NOt me,. I try NOT to cook
Its okay I've seen this one member posting information about hoodoo from the Lucky Mojo Curio. website and all's I get is bashed for pointing it out.
Send the reference of the person doing that directly to Lucky Mojo.
I have this, one-shot kind of thing. I blantly call them out, like I said I got kind of ganged up on I'm still waiting on the results sighs, and than if they do it again with the knowing I called them out than I will contact Miss Cat herself and let her know.
I screw up every time I TRY to copy and paste......
It personally really burns me up. As a writer and as a person it angers me greatly when people steal others work and try to pass it off as their own. I swear the people who do it must not of gotten through high school, or they are so full of shit that they think they wont get away with it.
technically anything we post here that is fresh, new and ours becomes property of ning - crunch, crunch, crunch - the ning monster eats...

Actually, they don't.  That is an urban myth. They have certain copyright USE rights based on a person's decision to post to THEIR social networking platform.  However, they do now OWN copyrighted material posted to ning. 

Their document on copyright policy right here:


Excerpts -

Ning strongly believes in the value of intellectual property and importance of protecting it. One of the ways that Ning helps intellectual property owners is to comply in all respects with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. As stated in our Terms of Service, Ning enforces its policy barring the upload of infringing material onto the Ning Service. We respect the rights of copyright owners and we ask that you do the same.




First of all, your Ning account can be terminated and you can be subject to a lawsuit from the copyright owner.


Yes, there is. The Fair Use doctrine is a limited defense to a claim of copyright infringement that is based on the premise that the public is entitled to make certain socially beneficial uses of copyrighted works, such as for education, commentary or criticism. However, there are no set rules about what this fair use is, so it is very challenging to determine whether a use is “fair” in advance. Unfortunately, this means that many disputes over which uses are fair ones will end up in court, and if it turns out your guess is wrong, you will be liable for potentially significant damages. Please consult the following resources to learn more:

I've had my writings re-published without permission and without attribution. I have also had quite few of my published photos reposted without mention of the photographer (myself)


In a couple cases where someone was doing so on a commercial site and they were making money, I stopped it... On informational sites I have sometimes let it go and sometimes asked for a link to be added. Only on the commercial site did it particularly annoy me. There is so much plagiarism online and most people who do so aren't malicious, just lazy.


Also, Can you have a site taken down without first asking that the copyright material be removed or attributed and/or paid for? I think this is necessary because there is no way to know if someone took the writing from the original site or if they found it at another site which took from the original and which had no copyright notice or attribution. 


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