So, personally I hate plagiarism as I think if a person is going to go on record as actually having something to say, they should have something to say that is actually theirs.


Most people seem not to know that plagiarism is actually a crime, punishable by time or by fees depending on the jurisdiction (and in academic settings at least usually results in being expelled from the school/college/university). When it's seen online it is no less a crime; I heartily recommend turning in people who are found to be passing off another's writing as their own to the original author if at all possible; it is incredibly easy to have such a site taken down when it can be proven that the words are stolen intellectual property.


Look at this gem; "written" by paganspace's own Pagan Heart: (Time stamped September 6th of this year, just last week)


And now see it in its original setting on it's real authors page:


How do you (if it has happened to you) or would you (if it has not to your knowledge) react if it turned out your work was being stolen and passed off as someone elses? What would you do? How would you feel?

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Yeah, you have but I don't think that I can explain it any more clearly.

Fair enough.

Good luck.

I've had it happen to me. There's nothing much you can do if the person copying the work won't take it down but what I do is file a complaint with their webhost, local police and a DMCA complaint. There are just some locations that it doesn't matter what you do - try getting a website in China or Nigeria taken down :P
Plagiarism?  Damn, that's just ugly.
We are on the job.  Ever vigilant, seeking out FAKES and LIARS.
Yes......and guess what.  We have local work to do.....
Oh yes.   I knew youd be able to utilize this well.  For research id start with the local police reports.
Domain name:

Registrant Contact:
Webs, Inc.
Webs Inc. ()

1100 Wayne Ave.
Suite 801
Silver Spring, MD 20910

Administrative Contact:
Webs, Inc.
Webs Inc. (
Fax: +1.3019609010
1100 Wayne Ave.
Suite 801
Silver Spring, MD 20910

Technical Contact:
Webs, Inc.
Haroon Mokhtarzada (
Fax: +1.8775986687
1100 Wayne Ave.
Suite 801
Silver Spring, MD 20910

THESE are the phone numbers and addresses for the web host where Pagan Heart put up her stolen website; reports should go directly to them and the site will be taken down.
I cant tell... none of these pictures have glitter or fairy wings.
Bwhahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  For realz tho.  Thats the mag.  But its an old edition.
Ours pretty much looks exactly like above. Pictures of the accused and then inside it talks about what they were nailed for, court date etc. LOL

its happened to me before. i was in poetry contest in highschool and my work was stolen from me by another student. she not only had to return my work, but got suspended for a week. plus her mom wanted me to come over and search her room to see if she had anymore of my things.....turns out she was stealing things from everyone in the class.  not just papers and documents that had been published by other students but clothes and things that werent hers....facepalm.....she was rich doesnt make sense to me.

i felt violated, and like i couldnt keep any of my poems at school. i started locking things up in my room when friends came i hardly write because im painting more.

people are so rude and stupid to think their lies wont be found out.  what comes around goes around.


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