No matter how old they are or what they do, please hold them close to your heart, never forget to tell them how much you love them, cherish them and glad that they are here. As you never ever know when they might say goodbye forever.


RIP my little Jaylnn Faith, Auntie Roxanne will forever love you and you will never be forgotten my little perfect angel....12/10-10/11

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Love light and blessings in this terrible sorry for your loss what a tragedy...and what a beautiful child, she must have been a radiant blessing to your family..
My deepest sympathies to you. She looks so happy in all her pictures, and you were blessed for the time you had together.
i am so sorry for your loss.

I'm sorry for your loss. 


My prayers are with you and your family. So sorry for your loss.


What a darling angel.  I am sorry for your loss.

Thank you.


Thursday was her viewing, I stayed through both viewings. It was extremely hard. When I placed my finger in her hand, just like I used to do in life, her fingers wrapped around mine, just like they used to do, it was like she was saying her own goodbye to me. I just sat at her casket and wept for a very long time.


She was dressed her her white dedication gown, with a white bonnet on, with her favorite pink blanket draped over her little body, her favorite teddy bears, her favorite rattle. She looked like a angelic china doll. I just wanted to hold her.


Friday was the burial. That was the hardest. I sat there, talking with people with tears rolling down my face. But I also felt she was trying to tell me it was okay. She was okay.


I have a sense OF peace, but no closure. They still don't know why she died. Her autopsy reveal not a thing. We still await the toxicology and tissue results and hope that this reveals something.


Thank's going to be a long road. Very long road...


Here is a link to the funeral home you can see she was very much loved.
I feel them. I truly do. But so many mixed emotions right now...

My heart goes out to You and Jaylnn's parents at such a devastating time. '

I can't thank all of you enough for your thoughts, prayers, positive and healing energies. We miss our baby Jaylynn so much and would do anything to bring her back to us.. She was such a special little girl. It's a truly heart wrenching time for all of us.


But this helps, with those who are sending their support, care and love to help through this time. It means more than anyone will ever know...

So sorry to hear this. You will be in my thoughts and prayers. I'm sure your beautiful angel is watching over you now.

You didn't offend me at all....I thank you.


Some that are have offered their feelings on this. And why it happened. She was and still is so precious. We miss her dearly even though she has been gone only a week. I did receive so much peace at the funeral. I get the feeling and even more so, that she knew she was not going to be here for long. I have my moments, I have my days-which right now is everyday. I hear her sometimes and I swear she is right there, it's so loud. I will turn and be like "Jaylynn"? And then it's gone. That is when I have my moments. I hear her giggles. I hear her laughter. I hear her calling us in excitement. And it's loud. I am not the only one, others do too that were close to her. She is my angel...


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