I put Bear to sleep yesterday and I've been beating myself up ever since. He was getting progressively worse and they thought he had a brain tumor. He wasn't enjoying life anymore. I couldn't really do anything else for him, but I can't help feeling like I betrayed him. This is the first time I've ever had to put a pet to sleep.

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I'm so sorry, Rose. That is never easy. Sometimes, however, the only thing you can do FOR your pet is let them go quickly and reasonably painlessly. Don't beat yourself up.
This is probably the hardest thing I've ever had to do myself. I have dealt with what others might call worse, but that is their opinion. I watched my beautiful dog go through cancer 6 years ago, and I beat myself up too. But I knew the time has come when she looked at me with a look that could only say "let me go". We hang on because of our needs, not because of theirs.
You have without question done the right thing. It was his time, and it was meant to be.
At the very least you have spared him more suffering and pain. For that you should be commended. Depending on what you believe in, you could now believe that he is having a wonderful time on the other side, running around, having a blast!
Blessings to you.

I hope so too.......all you can eat bacon and biscuits and not having to worry about getting fat......must be paradise!
You did the right thing... you said it yourself, he wasn't enjoying life anymore. If he could have spoken to you, he would have asked for it to end. Now he can run and play in the afterlife and watch over you with love. Don't beat yourself up. I am in a similar position as you are, waiting for one of my pets to tell me that he's not enjoying life anymore... when he tells me, I will have to make the same heartbreaking decision you made.
You have a right to your grief, though, as painful as it is, it's yours and no one can take it away from you. You loved him and you miss him, it's only natural to wish he could still be by your side.
I wish you blessings and peace, friend.
you did the right thing Rose, but understand the guilt. We had to do it twice with our dogs and wasn't an easy thing. i still miss the fun times we had together, but will always have the memories.

when i was young, had a neighbour who had a dog that she kept alive longer than should have. was very sad to see her walking stiffly from arthritis, and blind from cataracts. the lady just didn't want to let the dog go, due to being the lone survivor of a car wreck which killed her ex-hubby.
poor poor baby :(
Had to do the same a few months ago for our dog with the exact same reason. I, too, cried and wondered if I had done the right thing by her. However, two things have confirmed this decision (and I'm sure the same goes for you too).

At the time she was passing, I was intentionally being there for her physically and spiritually. As she past, I felt her spirit regain strength and run toward a light in her excited happy way.

A couple of nights later, I awoke in the morning to her spirit form licking me awake, letting me she was ok. So - I'm a softie at heart - I cried tears of joy and sadness. Joy for her - sadness for my missing her daily physical companionship. However she is never far away. She visited again at Samhain!

Peace to your heart and spirit, Rose.

Blessed Be,
what a beautiful story LeVelas. thank you so much for sharing this. it helped even me with the deaths of animals i have loved and still do.
You proved you loved him and were not selfish you did what was best for him. So many times we make the wrong choice, because we can't say goodbye. You did the right thing. BB&MM LR
I know I am probably going to be slammed for this, but I wish the humans had the options. I used to volunteer at a nursing home. Some there would just plead for release with their eyes. I was heart breaking. BB&MM LR
In facing this question I asked myself what if it were me? If I woke each morning in pain, I couldn't eat, sleep or live what would I want for myself? I never want to just exist for the sake of existing. We do that for others, not for ourselves. And how miserable must we be just for the sake of others. You did the right thing, Rose. He knows you loved him.
very true Linda. it hurts like hell but i wouldn't want to go on like that either.


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