I put Bear to sleep yesterday and I've been beating myself up ever since. He was getting progressively worse and they thought he had a brain tumor. He wasn't enjoying life anymore. I couldn't really do anything else for him, but I can't help feeling like I betrayed him. This is the first time I've ever had to put a pet to sleep.

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I am so sorry to hear of your loss. It is a very hard task to do. I had to put my Buffi who was 15 yrs old down due to kidney failure. She gave me 15 years of unconditional love.

You did the right thing. You don't want them to suffer yet you don't want them to leave. Bear is a beautiful familar and you were truly blessed for 11 1/2 years and his spirit will always be with you.

I send you healing prayers. May he be enjoying his time over Rainbow Bridge.

Love, Hugs, and BB
Your very welcome my dear sister.
LOL, I am sure he will be well supplied with bacon and whatever else his heart desires :)

Please calm yourself. It is difficult. He went easily. You cant know what pain and suffering you spared him because you did not witness it. They are lucky, they get to leave when their bodies dont work any longer. We get intensive care and resuscitation.

If you read accounts of out of body experiences, part of your support group, reception committee are the animals who shared part of your journey with you. They have a shorter lifespan in order to teach us an understanding of the impermanence of life on this plane.

Grieve as long as you like, but guilt, no not that. Its not necessary. You will in time remember only the good bits. Just allow yourself to do that.

I had a beloved dog who 'walked through' one of my paintings, just to show me that she still cares and loves me. Its on my wall, I look at it every day. I know she is waiting. I know I will join her again.
It really depends on the circumstances. We had a dog whenI was a teenager, a German Shepherd, beautiful dog. My dad took him to the vet for a routine check up and discovered that he had advanced bone cancer and was in a great deal of pain. Dad had him put down and it was a difficult but only humane choice he could have made. I had a cat for about 10 years when she suddenly stopped eating food and only drank water. A few days later, she stopped even that. She had gone into renal failure, poor thing. I made an appt to have her put to sleep the next day, but when I woke up the next morning, she had died under my side of the bed--didn't even have the strength to jump up during the night. Ultimately, it's between you and your pet. You know what the best thing is--go with your heart. ((((Rose))))
Rose- in my adult life I have only had one pet that was my own alone...my cat Carmen. She actually claimed me from a group of other people who were hanging around her and her litter-mates. She lived to be 19 1/2 years old...and developed feline osteoarthritis and was in pain most of the time. It will be two years ago this Saturday that I had to make this choice for us...her and me. So far, it has been one of the hardest damn things I have ever done in my life. But I know upon reflection it was the right thing. My heart is with you this night!
Oh, I'm so sorry for your loss....to answer your question, yes, you did the right thing. He was old and suffering, the best thing to do was to end it quietly and painlessly. It wasn't a betrayal, quite the opposite; it was a validation of the trust he had in you; rather than watch him deteriorate and suffer in his last days, you took it upon yourself to end his suffering, and you were there with him right to the end. It was the honorable thing to do, and you have nothing to feel guilty about. You did right by him.
Hugs to you and yours, I wish you love and healing!
Sometimes you have to be Cruel to be Kind, you wouldn't have wanted to see a friend suffer would you? And he's left you with a gift of the time that you spent together. It was time for him to move on, we all have to face it. Some of us have short lifespans, others have long, it's the way of things. Sorry for your loss.
We had to do the same with our Ginger Bear, an Australian Shepherd, as she was not getting around well, at all. She was nearly 14 yrs old, and I beat myself up for a year, wondering if I did the right thing. I believe that you should not keep an animal alive, in pain, just to satisfy your need to be around them, that it is more humane to allow them eternal rest, if they are not able to get around any longer. Please, do not beat yourself up. He was in pain, and though his love for you was stronger than that, he needed his rest. Each time he looked at you, though he wanted you happy, he needed to be happy, with no pain, and no more worrying if you were going to be ok. You did the right thing, as now, he can watch over you and take care of you, on a different plane. He can now be with you where ever you go, and smiles down at you for loving him enough to know he could not take much more. You allowed him to find the relief from the agony his Earthly shell was suffering. He is grateful and loves you so.
I am sorry If I brought tears to you, but please, know that it is better he is out of pain, where he can frolick with the other spirits and watch over you.
Blessings to your family, as you mourn his passing, but please, celebrate the time he had with you, the joy you felt around and with him, and know that he is still with you, just not in a tangeble form. Rhea
Rose, I had to go through this a few times, it's never easy, to be blunt and succinct you did the right thing. Rose, he didn't blame you for anything, he didn't understand what was happening, he only felt the pain, you did him a great kindness. And I'm sure I'm not alone in these sentiments.
By the way, he was beautiful, you did a great job taking care of him.
you did the right thing... you set him free from the painful prison his body was becoming and let his spirit move on...despite the hurt you knew it would cause you... thats love.
I had to put Grim down in may , I feel for you. Im sorry for your loss..but Im sure he knows you love him.
My heart is with you.. Around Beltane I had make the same decision for my Carmel. He was 19 years old and was not doing well. 6 months before that we had to put Battie to sleep he was losing his battle with lung cancer. It just did not make sense to me to watch either them hold on for me, when they were the ones who were so sick and needed to pass over. I think when they are suffering it is best to send them to the Rainbow bridge. Are animals love and care for us unconditionally, we owe it to them do the same. I don't believe you did anything wrong nor did you betray him by stopping his suffering!

Blessings to you both,
Dream V.
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