Ok so I decided to be more then just a fan this year. I am going to be a roller girl!

I am totally buzzed about it but am having trouble with coming up with my name.

Any ideas?

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F-in awesome!!!!

No clue on a name, but I had to congratulate you....
Thank you ;D
Holy crap! Go you!!!!! :)
Tinker Hell
Susan B. Agony
Adamant Eve
Abbey Rogue
Acid Jayne
Johnnie Crash
Kat Astrophe

I wish I could skate...alas, I'm uncoordinated and can barely see.
Susan B Agony!!!! Thats so brutal! It rocks!
Cherry Bomb
Hey those are some awesome names, I like Blitzkrieg Betty and Diva Vin Detta. LOL! Still so hard to decide.
Just looking at some old bands i used to love, had to add this to the thread!:)
ya I've been checking them in the master roster. Most of them are taken. :(

Got my name! Double Dee Battery
I have no idea but that's awesome! I've always wanted to do something like that. Have fun and enjoy!


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