My daughter's cat, for some reason, has suddenly decided to quit using his litter pan. We can't figure out what the problem is. He has been going both ways just outside the litter pan. She hasn't changed pans, washes it out all the time, hasn't changed kitty litter. But is getting disgusted as everytime he goes now, it's on her floor and not in the pan. She took him to the vet and he's fine. He's neutered & declawed. She got him that way from the animal shelter a little over 4 yrs ago. So no health problems. No new animals, etc. to upset him. She even has placed him in litter pan when catching him going, but it at wits end. She doesn't want to get rid of him, but can't continue on like this. Does anyone have any suggestions please?

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This could be a sign of a health condition. I would take the cat in for a checkup, mention the litter box problem as it might give the vet a clue as to what to check for.
She already took him to the vet and came out with a clean bill of health. At first we thought it may be a urinary infection, but no he's fine. We did mention litter pan issue and he didn't have any ideas. Thank you for your help.
I'm relieved to hear he is ok. I HAD to suggest a vet visit because I lost a cat to a urinary tract infection once. She was a 16 yr-old Siamese and little could be done for her at that age.

I like what Ravenous said. Cats are really moody animals, if he's upset about something that may be the cause. It might be a good idea to do some back-tracking and see if you can think of something that might have upset him.
don't wash the pan out just clean litter when needed .. let his smell stay in the litter box .. Is he spraying it out ? he is marking his home with the his pee if he is .. confine him to one room for awail and clean with vinagar were he has pee at .. Lot of felmales in heat can still cause a male cat to do this even if he is neutered ...and if male cat in the neighborhood are spraying around your house might cause him to do this .. Good luck and hope he don't have to find a new home .. no one else wants to put up with that either ...
Blessings Alice:-) I will tell my daughter to not wash out litter pan. He's not a sprayer, thank Goddess, but we have been having alot of strays by the house lately. He isn't allowed to go outside because of no claws. Normally very affectionate cat, not destructive nor inquisitive. And yes, she uses straight vinegar on floor, but tired of doing it numerous times a day. And he just started doing this. We thought maybe he had an eye problem also, but vet said no. "very healthy cat". She and the grandkids love him and he's all black with beautiful green eyes. Thank you so much for your help. She will try confining him as you suggested to see if this works.
I know it can get pricey but maybe see another vet??? A second opinion can not hurt...
The Cat Is Upset
With Something ..
Anyone New
Moved In The House ??
Has Your Daughter Been
Giving Him Attention ??
It Can Be Anything
Cats Are So Finicky.
If You Cant Seem To Know
What The Problem Is
If All Else Fails
Thank you RAVENOUS...It has been driving daughter crazy. Nothing new going on at house. Has her hands full as she has a 6 yr old that is autistic, 8 yr old with ADHD and 10 yr old with ADD and now cat is acting up. She is truly a child of mother naure as she doesn't use pesticides, don't kill bugs outside and completely green inside house & outside, lol.
Hmmm, has her schedule changed any? Like is she working different hours?
Blessings Flame:-) No she doesn't work. She has a 6 yr old austic son who loves the cat & carries him around all the time, but the cat loves it. He did start a special school recently for austic children and Bucky (cats name) walks thruout house calling for him, but could cat be rebelling cause grandson is gone for 4 hours during the day? Much hugs to you and yes, I will read your blog. Thank you so much!
You're very welcome :)

It's entirely possible that the boy being away from home has upset him. I know one of my cats is very bonded to my youngest daughter, and when she spends the night at gramma's he is beside himself.
Male cats are picky, he just all of a sudden might not like the litter therefore, you must get a different litter, if the old litter was not the scoop kind then try that, (its smaller grains are softer on picky kitty's paws) and because of the fact that there have been strays outside he might be just marking his territory. I suggest your daughter also trying to keep him in one room with his litter box and do the whole "training" process again, you know rubbing his paws in the litter and stuff... GOOD LUCK!


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