A new project for 2012.

There are some hurdles... We, all of you, need to generate enough energy to change a land mass the size of Greenland.  On one day, world wide, with as many tens of thousands of people as possible in one 24 hour window we need to generate an upswell of energy several hundred magnitudes over the constant.  It would be poignant irony to use 12/12/2012, but we might not have enough people for shamanistic ritual on that day.  So this will take some planning.  This is where all of Paganspace comes in, on one day, world wide all of you need to use, co-opt if you must, the energy of everyone you possibly can and push that energy into a construct (more on that later).

Obviously the more people who participate the more powerful the working will be.  If I could pick the perfect day for such an event it would be the opening of the World Olympics crossed with each of the Superbowl, Europe's football finale, the drummers festival (20,000 or more drummers in one place),  and any other event tied into tens of thousands of people.  All of these events on the same day, and several Paganspace members at each one to channel the energy.

The energy construct already exists and its channels can take the load.

Anyone have a good date to recommend?


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Now that is an excellent idea.. :)  Are there any other major events within a few weeks of that period which might also be co-opted?  The closer to the same day the better.  Best case of course would be 1000s of distinct points all across the world on the same day. :)


Olympic summer games, thats good.  The opening day will be packed, 60,000-100,000 people not to mention the guides within a mile of the arena with an avid interest.  As shamanistic workings go, the control group for that will have alot to work with.

what energy construct?

Any energy construct... Presumably you will focus the event (yours) on something positive in your purview. 

Change? In what way? And have you considered the possible ramifications of such change?

What would you change in your life, your immediate world view if you had the power to make it different?  This is about me, as much as it is about you.  And in this working, you are participating for yourself; For what you can change in your life and city.

If every occultist, magic(k)(al), practitioner, and energy worker in this world or just on paganspace were to raise magick in one day the results would be amazing, to say the least.   Just think, 10,000 points of light in the darkness.  And all on one day.

Its a shamanistic working, so whatever you want to do with it will be acceptable.

Um...now WHY do we need to change a land mass the size of Greenland? And...what are we changing it into? And...what land mass is this?

Well, you aren't.  When you pull this kind of energy, think of it as megawatts where most people pull watts.  When you are pulling that kind of energy and can actually do change on a city wide scale, what would you do for your own city?  Focus on your immediate environment, make something about your immediate life better, but be grand in the design.  Push the power; Since you are encouraged to use a shamanistic working there's going to be alot of power.. if you haven't tried this before it will be enlightening.  If you have and plan to channel thousands of people it will still be amazing.

Never mind what I'm going to be doing, concentrate on your piece.  Raise so much energy you can change your city, your life, and your world in any way you want to.

Think of the result... 10,000 points of light across the world all at the same time.  This kind of power takes awareness to see, but our whole world will shine with such brightness only seen a few times in its history.  And 2012 is the right year.

Not even close to 10,000, and most of them are quite minor events.  We want major events, more importantly we want the individual groups to have something to work with.  The date 12/12/2012 is likely to be a desert for power, so many people standing motionless and caught in a mental freeze of terror, useless.  No, we need the individuals and groups primed to be able to work, which is why I like summer solstice, and all of the major events in a 4-5 week period leading up to the day every worker shines a light upon this world.  Ought to be simply fantastic, a once a cycle event.

For some people a basketball game in their home town is an event that is a huge step forwards for them individually.  It represents 10 players on the court working physically, 10-20 players in the bench cheering their team and in a really active arena some number of cheering fans.  Quite alot of energy, for a shamanistic working, just think of the possibilities.

For others or small groups an event like a street fair with a several hundred people, and still others events with thousands and even tens of thousands of people.  To each person or group their own capability.

The energy won't work in conjunction, not at first, for each group it will be as if they are acting alone.  The event won't even appear to be much, some brightness in the edge of the vision for most.  As the effect builds, though.. as the level of the active rises above the constant, by orders of magnitude all this will change.  Now we just need 10,000 and more power workers who want to be a part of the age.

So how about it?

No reason for the working to be unfocused.  Thats the best part, you get to focus your individual or local group as you see fit. Definitely a plus.  For this idea to work, we need 10's of thousands of larger projects undertaken by everyone we can possibly network together and the focus of the project is to increase the constant by magnitudes between now and Summer Solstice.  Essentially we need the activity to accelerate, everywhere.

Help Gaia to shine.. :)


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