A new project for 2012.

There are some hurdles... We, all of you, need to generate enough energy to change a land mass the size of Greenland.  On one day, world wide, with as many tens of thousands of people as possible in one 24 hour window we need to generate an upswell of energy several hundred magnitudes over the constant.  It would be poignant irony to use 12/12/2012, but we might not have enough people for shamanistic ritual on that day.  So this will take some planning.  This is where all of Paganspace comes in, on one day, world wide all of you need to use, co-opt if you must, the energy of everyone you possibly can and push that energy into a construct (more on that later).

Obviously the more people who participate the more powerful the working will be.  If I could pick the perfect day for such an event it would be the opening of the World Olympics crossed with each of the Superbowl, Europe's football finale, the drummers festival (20,000 or more drummers in one place),  and any other event tied into tens of thousands of people.  All of these events on the same day, and several Paganspace members at each one to channel the energy.

The energy construct already exists and its channels can take the load.

Anyone have a good date to recommend?


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Concerts are excellent sources of energy, especially for shamanistic ritual.  If you happen to be going to the event, then drawing on the energy while you are there will be enormously powerful.

THE CENTER for me .is at The Grandfather Games in July,largest gathering of the clans,70,000 of us.......I'm ALL for energy focus and change what ever we need in our lives or helping another

The Grandfather Mountain Highland Games would be ideal if we were all Scottish or if the date had a special meaning to the rest of us pagans.  :-)  I'm still leaning towards the summer solstice.

Maybe in the midst of the energetic festival atmosphere, you can coordinate an energy-raising among the high-minded clans, or even your own coven.  Might as well make use of any opportunity presented to us.

Is there something on your shoulder?  :-D

I have no special attachment to any particular dates either, but it's my impression that there is a significant number of PS members who value celestial arrangements for various purposes.  So, if those of us who don't care when we do this can tolerate a date that holds some special importance to a larger group, then it seems like a good idea to me.  Is there a problem with acceding to the wishes of some of us, if it makes no difference to the rest of us?

The point is to do something that promotes a level of unity among us, don't you think?

SOUNDS good to me,hey YOU are ALL WElcome at the Grandfather Games anyway,great times,people and drum circles! Summer Solstice is June 21 or 22? Our Games are July12-15.....

THE CENTER for me .is at The Grandfather Games in July,largest gathering of the clans,70,000 of us.......I'm ALL for energy focus and change what ever we need in our lives or helping another

I have always wanted to find the time to go... Such a lively and fun group of people.  That would be an awesome venue for a shamanistic working.

I sincerely and honestly don't understand the attitude that Worshipper of Bunnies has taken.  

For the record, I have no affinity for any particular date nor period of time, nor for any group or belief system.  My interest is to participate in a mass event whose agreed purpose is to raise energy for anyone's use, in any way they want, individually or as a group.  I believe that a moment or two of improved energy will do us all some good.  I also believe that unity of purpose is a good thing by itself.  If there are those who disagree with this purpose, then please just disregard it.  

I will do my part whenever we do this.  I'm just bumping the discussion with my responses in order to attract attention to what I see as a desirable goal.


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