I realize that I am conservative and alot of pagans walk both sides of the line. Our family is "pro life". We believe that 'life' begins at the moment of conception. We believe that there is no life present without the blessing and breath of the Goddess. Who are we to say, "Thanks but no thanks"?

If you're pro choice what do you think about the rights of the father? What if the father wants the baby but the mother wants to abort?

I wanted to voice my opinion in a smaller group before taking it to the large format like general discussion. I posted the same question in A General Pagan Group and got some interesting feedback. Just wondering about other pagans feelings on the matter.

This is a passionate topic. We are not all going to agree. Please at least be polite:p

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Considering that there are so many birth control methods out on the market I don't think ignorance is an excuse anymore. They are so reliable and readily available that 'my method failed' isn't very sound either. And if it really did, wouldn't a person learn the first time around?

Parent hood clinics are all over the country and can help with birth control so, ' I can't afford it ' falls down the drain.

The "My body, my choice" is laughable. If a person really believes that statement it only puts more on thier shoulders to say,' No." And take control of thier emotions if they're not prepared. Personal responsibilty isn't a guideline.
I don't think ignorance is an excuse anymore

It wouldn't be an excuse if conservative lawmakers wouldn't have insisted on abstinence-only education. Do you know what abstinence-only means? It means you don't teach about safe sex practices, you teach kids "don't have sex until you're married."

They are so reliable and readily available that 'my method failed' isn't very sound either.

Whether or not you think it's "sound" isn't the issue. I know a couple who had a condom break and had a resulting pregnancy. Their method did, in fact, fail. They kept the child and even had another a few years later, but the second one wasn't a result of failing protection. Nothing short of abstinence or surgical procedures to remove the internal sexual organs has a 100% success rate.
I agree with this. I got pregnant, not once, but twice, on two different brands of birth control that the doctor prescribed. I guess they just didn't work with my chemistry or something? It isn't that people (some, not all) don't take precautions, but maybe things just happen. That is the two children that I have now, and they are my heart and soul.

But, my first child, I had at a young age, I was raped by my (then) boyfriend, and I ended up pregnant. I gave that wonderful, beautiful child up for adoption, and before I did, I met the people, spent lots of time with them in fact, getting to know them. Their beliefs, what they are like as a person. I didn't ask anything from them other than to love the child I was carrying. I do believe abortion isn't a form of birth control.

I made those decisions based on what I felt was appropriate, even though I was estranged from my whole family because of it. To this day, most of them still wont associate with me, all because of the adoption. Their choice, I just choose to not let it affect me anymore because of their beliefs. I am pro-choice, I couldnt imagine not bringing any of those babies into this world, but at the same time, I believe that each woman should have the right to abort, or not, as they chose.

I'm not sure what I feel about the man being involved, because there could be other factors, as in health issues, mental issues, birth defects, and hereditary problems. So, yeah, sure, if the father can take care of the baby, and the mother is willing to go through the pain of pregnancy and labor, then why shouldnt he have the option, or choice? As long as both are comfortable with that anyway?

As for my children now, I do impress upon them (when they hit puberty) to abstain from sex, and about diseases, pregnancy, and other issues, and if absolutely they don't think they can wait, they do need to be on birth control. Although I had a bad (couple) experiences with the pill, it doesn't mean they will. So I try not to "force" my issues upon my children.

Blessings and great discussion.
What's wrong with waiting to have sex? What's wrong with viewing our bodies, as we pagans shout, as a temple and being discerning about what we put in it? Here in Nevada they do not teach abstinence-only education. They try to teach prevention. Then again I do live where prostitution is leagal.

I taught my daughter prevention. But, I also tried to teach her that waiting is the only 100% way to make sure. We tried to instill in her a great respect for what a wonderful gift her body is and that giving herself to that special person makes the love even greater. To bestow the honor of herself to someone is just that...........an honor.
There's nothing wrong with waiting to have sex. But there's also nothing wrong with not waiting if you're taking proper precautions.

You're so cute. I love you little emtioncon thingy.
I was on the pill, when my boyfriends condom broke. When I found out I took plan-B emergency contraceptive just to be safe. Ended up pregnant anyway. The pregnancy was terminated after i searched my soul, spoke w/ my dieties, spoke with the father, spoke with many people. I was working full-time and going to school full-time. My boyfriend was transitioning out of the military. Neither of us were ready for a baby: financially, emotionally, physically or mentally. I know in my heart that even though he is not physically on this plane with me, I will still see him again.
I'll bet you're the type that never makes mistakes, never forgets anything, always has perfect self-control, never regrets anything and never looks back at their past actions with any doubts whatsoever... I'll bet no one EVER takes advantage of you, never deceives you, never threatens you and you are never afraid of loosing anyones love, loosing aproval, or loosing respect...
I'm sorry, but not everyone is like you.

Most people are human.
Easy. This isn't personal. Just a discussion. It's good hear people's opinions. I am just making a statement on my beliefs and looking for input from the rest of the community.
Okay...I'll bite. I am pro-choice and here's why:

I have made both choices in my life (having only been pregnant twice and I have a 17 year old son)...and I am thankful that I was able to choose for myself. My son is the best thing I have ever done in my life and as for the decision to abort....I don't regret it. I was married to an alcoholic....bringing another child up in that environment would have been a form of abuse and made it unlikely that I would have ever left. Leaving with one is so much easier than leaving with two.

So, that's my tragic little story.


PS: I am disgusted by those who use abortion as a form of birth control....so I can understand how people like me can be judged harshly because of the irresponsible acts of others who abuse their bodies and right to choose.
No judgement made. I was just wondering.


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