I realize that I am conservative and alot of pagans walk both sides of the line. Our family is "pro life". We believe that 'life' begins at the moment of conception. We believe that there is no life present without the blessing and breath of the Goddess. Who are we to say, "Thanks but no thanks"?

If you're pro choice what do you think about the rights of the father? What if the father wants the baby but the mother wants to abort?

I wanted to voice my opinion in a smaller group before taking it to the large format like general discussion. I posted the same question in A General Pagan Group and got some interesting feedback. Just wondering about other pagans feelings on the matter.

This is a passionate topic. We are not all going to agree. Please at least be polite:p

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I totally agree there.. it would be her body feeling that pain, not the man. She would have the right to choose to go through it or not. No one else should have the right to tell her what to do with her body.

Awsome topic btw
Blessings to all
Have you checked the news? - There was a case of a pregnant man this past year. Go google it up.
Wow! This is still going. It's great. As far as I can tell everyone is share stories and not judgement. This is incredible.

My computer crashed for awhile. I'm sorry that I haven't been able to read the responses yet. I will try though.

You folks are great
I'm not "pro-choice". I believe EVERY human fetus should be aborted.... But hey - I worship the Old Ones, so what would you expect from me...
Anyway - I remember a girlfriend (years ago) trying to corral me into marriage. She asked what would I do "if we had a love child". I told her I would take her to the clinic myself and pay for the abortion. She didnt like that answer.She then asked "Well what if I decided to keep the baby myself and raise it?" I told her on the day it was born I would have to kill myself. If one enters - one has to leave". She then got very frustrated and asked" What if it was "twins"? " I then told her " Then I'll just have to find another person to "take with me."
As for your question - if the mother wants to abort - shes doing the "father" a favor, and he should just cough up the dough to pay for his mistake. Next time he'll learn its cheaper to pay for a condom and spermacide.
...Oh and if anyone is going to say it: - YES - I already know I'm an ass. And .YES I already know I have no redeemable qualities.
better - I've been kicked in the nuts so many times the docs say I'm sterile! -Yep I did have that checked out. (not surprised about me being kicked in the nuts, huh?)
I had birth control fail, twice. One was the pill and the other was condoms. My two boys, Ortho and Trojan, are the light of my life. (No, not really their names, lol) Yes, it was hard, but I had and kept my two boys.
I do not believe in abortion as a form of Birth control. I do think in the case of rape, incest, or strong medical reasons that it should be an option, but not an option to every female out there that doesnt take the proper precautions. There are plenty of people wanting to adopt here in the States for the careless. The morning after pill for others. Early abortions, if a ABORTION IS AT ALL NECESSARY (in rape or medical cases) Though if you are raped, please get the morning after pill.
I have mixed feeling on the rights of the father. How many actually stick around? Where is the womans rights of she carries the baby because of the fathers rights, yet gets dumped right before the baby is born (or right after) Maybe if he prepays child support, then he can have all the rights in the world. I was dumped off like an unwanted pregnant cat on a friends doorstep, havent seen a dime ever from the a*7%#(*. Yes, there are good fathers out there, but they dont exactly make the news. ) He has never laid eyes on my son and never wanted to. Fine by me, my son has a daddy and has know no other.
By the way - IF you have a VERY strong stomach - you can check out this link. The folks in the Amazon have an interesting way to deal with "unwanteds" - don't say I didnt warn you!

I always wanted to have a a bumper sticker that said ....Abortion Stops Child Abuse .... Sterilization Stops Abortion ..

I could never do it i wanted babies . Now that im older i don't wish children on any one ... I wish i could be one of those people that don't have children . Children are wonderful little beings but it hurts to see what people are doing to them .. But i think it is each womans choice ... Women were dieing trying to do abortions their selfs..We don't want that .. ever to happen again .. But they are still out there trying to still do it their selfs.. Live your life , Stop trying to judge others ...Take care and love your children....

The father has no say in it ... Until a child is born ... He has no rights to a women body unless she says he does ...
As is obvious i am strongly pro choice, I've done clinic defense, and clinic escort, believe me the anti's could be vicious and brutal verbally and physically, it is important to remember that not one anti-choice supporter has ever been murdered by a person who was pro-choice, I believe there have been about eight doctors, not one church where the anti choice message is preached has ever been bombed or vandalized there have been about thirty clinics or more that have that occur to them, I recall one time having to take a friend of mine to have an abortion,why because her boyfriend left her when she told him she was pregnant and in addition to the fetus, she was left with an STD, no not AIDS or HIV just good old fashioned clap. On that day I still recall her crying with her jacket hood up over her head and her face buried in my shoulder while an anti-choicer waved one of the mass produced aborted fetus pictures at us screaming that she would burn in hell for what she ws doing, I told that woman to get out of my face or I would happily gauge her F&%$*!! eyes out of her head (Which I would honestly have done hadn't the police officer who was there to keep things under control for both sides interceded on our behalf.) But back to things. The egg and sperm are both living things there is no denying that, and life began about four billion years ago and we are just continuing that process. Here are my questions, many of us believe we choose our lives when we are in some non physical state, then do some choose to become fetuses that will be aborted? And if in that case are they now not fulfilling their karma as some of us here hold?Or that this too is a part of the spiritual process?Why if there is some divine Controlling force approximately one third of all pregnancies end in miscarriage even if the woman wants the child? And for that matter why do so many women who would desire to be mothers because of circumstances such as disease or accident can not have their dreams come true? I recall my mother often saying if she could have had one she would have had me aborted (I'm sure there are some who wish she had.)To which my reply was no one put a gun to your head to marry or even to spread them. i hold that the woman bears the burden it is for her to decide what to do with it, I've read where some men chose to end their relationships because of the woman's choice, I would not, nor would I hold that choice against her. Choice means simply that, a woman can choose to do with her body and HER fetus as she desires. We've all seen abused children, some will never fully recover physically, mentally, or emotionally, Is this their karma? Some would say yes. I think if being offered a choice how many of these if they could would have perferred not to have been born into their lives. In closing I relate the story of a friend of mine, a wonderful young man who was disowned by his family because he is gay his family is Pentacostal Christian, Micheal learned that his fifteen year old cousin committed suicide because she was pregnant by her older brother who had been sexually abusing her for four or five years, she was afraid to speak up because she thought no one would believe her. After her death, and his confession and arrest and imprisonment her wrote his family a letter asking them to forgive him and their Lord Jesus had forgiven him. I've said all I wish to on this discussion, thank you. Joe
Pro-Choice does not always equal Pro Abortion Funda*mental*ist Christians don't seem to get that.


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