I see a lot of people coming to PS to ask about how to find a path or tradition to follow.  My advice is always to try out some public groups first.  This was my most recent response to someone:  In a public group, solitary and coven pagans get together to celebrate (usually) sabbats. A public group will give you an opportunity to see how other traditions work without being tied down. When the public group workings are over, you are back to being a solitary. That is how I prefer to practice my spirituality. I get to see a lot, learn a lot, meet lots of interesting people, all without a heavy commitment.


How about the rest of you?  Do you work with a public group?  Is it a supplement to your tradition or do you exclusively run with a public group?  Any pros or cons to public groups? 

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I thought I would try putting this topic up again because I really am curious about how prevalent public groups are in the rest of the country/world.
It's helped me a lot. I've been interested in a particular path a couple of times only to discover it was not for me. I've also thought particular paths were weird until I saw them in action. I think public groups are a good way to bring the larger community together. As a solitary, would you ever take up an offer by a public group to host a circle/sabbat?
Like Freyja's Man, I'm also completely solitary. I like casual meet ups with other pagans, just for the conversation, good times, and whatnot, but I don't practice with other people in any way.
Absolutely. I spent a lot of time falling into something that completely resonated with me, and I don't think I could bring myself to try to fit into cookie cutter paths anymore.
I agree about the energy of working in a group. It can be an amazing thing to have so many people of a variety of paths working together. Maybe that is why I am a public group junkie.


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