So what is your favourite incense?

Mine is Dragon's Blood, i love this because it's such a delicate fragrance, it's not too powerful and not too weak, it really calms me down when i feel agitated. If anyone has not tried this incense then i strongly recommend getting some! It really is beautiful. :)


I want to hear all your favourite incense and recommendations!  

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Dragons Blood, Vinilla Bean, and Lavender. 



Dragon's Blood gives me severe migraines.


Like .. very severe.


My favorites are cinnamon, lavender, and some stuff called "Isis" made by this one place that makes all natural incense but hell if I know what's in it.


Oh, I also like Patchouli. :)

it's funny that lavender makes me sick to my stomach and i like dragon's blood. so we like what the other hates :P

i've smelled a kind called Isis once and it gave me a really bad headache


Does Midnight Starr have a website? I am interested in the Horned God incense you mentioned.
Patchouli, sandlewood and vanilla
patchouli.....i like musky smells...that and ylang ylang which is very sensual
Frankincense, Myrrh, Sandalwood and Cedarwood. I have to be very careful about what scents I burn, hubby has a very sensitive nose.

I like night-blooming jasmine, sandalwood, spicy scents like cinnamon and clove, and a scent called "Perfumes of Ancient Times" which is made by Gonesh Cones.


I also like outdoorsy scents (like pine, balsam, spruce or fir). I use these on my Cernunnos altar. Unfortunately these are really hard to find except at Christmas-time so I usually try to stock up on scented candles and oils then.

Thanks Matt! I bookmarked that page :)
I'm just mad for dragon's blood.


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