This a vary unique antiquated book, in this book you shall read about the history of my beautiful Ireland, numerous of individuals I know on these walls, have debated with me,and others of the exact telling of our bloodlines, in these annals you shall read about the Tuatha De Danann, the Druids, conversion to Christianity, trials of their so called witchery, many family names of royal lineage,Conchobair ( O'Connor),Ui Néill (O'Neill),Ua Dubhlaich (O'Dooley)  


Following Tairrdelbach's kidnapping of the king of Mide in 1143, "the kingdom of Meath was given by Toirdhealbhach to his own son, Conchobhar." However, the strtagey backfired as the annals fo 1144 record:

Conchobhar, son of Toirdhealbhach Ua Conchobhair, heir apparent to the monarchy of Ireland, was killed at Bealach Muine-na-Siride, by Ua Dubhlaich, lord of Feara-Tulach, for he considered him as a stranger in sovereignty over the men of Meath. Toirdhealbhach Ua Conchobhair gave West Meath to Donnchadh, son of Muircheartach Ua Maeleachlainn; and he divided East Meath equally between Tighearnan Ua Ruairc, lord of Breifne, and Diarmaid Mac Murchadha, King of Leinster, and they remained thus under the protection of the Connaughtmen.

Later that year, "four hundred cows were given by the men of Meath to Toirdhealbhach Ua Conchobhair, as eric for his son, Conchobhar."

Conchobair's death resulted in the released of his half-brother, Ruaidhri, who would eventually insinuate himself as his father's Tánaiste.  


Yes, this is a history lesson of sorts, albeit I tire of all the discord of who was who, and what was what,please enjoy I know I always did, to close yours eyes, and feel yourself travelling back to the beginning of your people, it's vary amazing. Please no comments, or inquiries unless you are reading the book. 


The book would not upload, file to big, here are the links,let me know if they shall not work.  


Have a good read.




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My pun and assessment is delivered with lots of love,my friend :)

OH,aye,I believe you......

Good to see you back Tierney, these will take some reading!

Aye, I have not had much time on me hands of late, responsibilities get quite boring and vary tedious after a wee bit...I shall never phantom how me cousin does this day in and day out...she got three children..I love them, do not get me wrong, they all vary rough gems..albeit I miss me Ireland. How have you been?

Doing well enough, been cutting gemstone and making jewelry, learning how to "charm" them properly, it pays to stay busy.

Tis seem everybody here is vary slow readers...would be so much fun to converse with someone, anybody about.

Aye, not only money, but how many cattle you had was a sign of your status. Cattle raids were a pretty big deal. There's a wired bull on the side of the M1 motorway near Dundalk commemorating the Táin before you pass the Cooley mountains and enter here in Ulster. 


Sheep, goats, pigs, e.t.c. were handy, but didn't convey your status as much as cows. They still provided what you& the tuatha needed, milk, wool, e.t.c., but were killed a lot more often for food, especially pigs. 

You American, Aye, Do you enjoy the beauty of my Ireland? you do not find many whom respect and enjoy reading a beautiful ancient tomb,such as this...I would say to those tis shall be a lesson well learned..not all was word of mouth among the druids. Enjoy please.

I love it indeed as it's my home :) I'm originally from the States, but immigrated early in 08. I live up North, but work over the whole of the island(have stuck a spade in every county), and became a fluent Irish speaker courtesy of the Ceathrún na Gaeltachta, and am part of Belfast's Pobal Acht Gaeilge Irish speaking community.



Why good Sir, you are more Irish than the Irish themselves! :)


Thanks for the link Tierney!

You are most welcomed :)

How is all that fine reading??


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