Hi all. I joined this site with a question in mind. 

First off, I have been thinking about Satanism for a while now. It has been a long time coming. And a lot of thought has been put into it.

My question is;

Is it possible for one to be Theistic Satanist AND Wiccan?

I know Satanism is indeed a Pagan style religion. 

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First, welcome to PS.  I've accepted your friend request and I'm also an Admin here.

It's a valid question.  Here's how I'd approach it.

1.  Wicca can be your Religion or Spiritual practice.  What you'll run into is the premise of the validity of Neo-Wicca vs. British Traditional (the lord being Lucifer).  If you require peer review and acceptance, Neo-Wicca will not only come under fire but may be rejected by your peers.  If you ultimately decide, who cares what other people think?

2.  Theistic Satanism is decentralized so there's no authority over what is and isn't Theistic.  The general understanding is that Satan is more than a symbol (whether godhead or forces of the natural world).  If you're the authority over your own life, you have to ask yourself why they don't yoke.

3.  Finally, you have to also decide what you want to get out of Wicca/Theistic Satanism and whether you can handle conflict because you've invited it by pinning these labels to your breast.

Well I feel the thought of a deity either symbolic or the fact that one ACTUALLY has that blind faith that there is indeed a deity within their religion, be it Satan, God, Buddha, or what have you is a feeling of comfort. 

And what I want out of ANY religion is guidance, and obviously faith and self help through life

Then do what you want to find that comfort but you invite conflict by using Satan.   The very nature of breaking taboos, you tread and stumble upon the left-hand path which will not provide you comfort.

So decidedly, you've tripped into a conundrum.

Wicca doesn't acknowledge Satan as a component of the religion. It's not a Christian concept so the inclusion of Satan doesn't really mesh. 

Wicca is a religion that focuses on duality and fertility. Satan has no counterpart, so to focus on only one deity kind of defeats the purpose of Wicca. 

@LN: This is what I mean, so here's a perfect example of the sort of stuff you'll run into. Even if it's completely ignorant.

Sounds like someone doesn't know about the Gospel of Aradia.

I had recommended it as a read to the OP in private message.  Wolfie is obviously out of the loop in terms of Wicca's foundations.  This also opens the argument whether Satan/Lucifer are synonymous. Personally, I don't believe they are.

Me either. But when I think of Aradia I think of the Catholic influences mixed in with more modern "roman" beliefs.

Well I have not claimed Wicca. It is a passing interest. I was just asking because of the balance there. But obviously there is none.

I became interested in Satanism because of the free will, as long as no one is harmed who deserves it (and please, do correct me if I am wrong there- remember I am still learning).

But yes I am still interested in Theistic Satanism, because the idea of a deity gives me a sense of comfort.

Ask yourself this, in what manner is Will free of influences?  "Free Will" is an idea, at best an ideal so you'll have to address it directly in relation to living day to day.

Wicca/Neo-Wicca is interesting so go ahead and explore it.  Figure out what you want to get out of it.  I wouldn't worry too much about balancing scales to to speak, this is just another idea.

If Satan as a higher-godform appeals to you, do you think its because it serves as a sort of mentor?  Are there any aspects of Satan, that you think you personally hold and exercise?

Just some questions to contemplate.  

just to add a thought here,. not all Wiccan/NeoWiccan Goddess's/God's  are all sunshine, rainbows n puppies..there are some darker  things going  on there..*shrug* you  might  look into that area..cause that  sounds  more  like what you  might be after..cheers!

Short and simple answer: Yes. You can be anything you want. No one has a say in what you believe and how you believe it. The important thing is if your heart is in it. If you want to be a Theistic Satanist Wiccan Christian Buddhist Vegetarianist you can be(not that you want to-- for argument's sake, of course). It's the beauty of religious freedom-- and hey, creativity! Don't be afraid to step outside of the box, even if others question it(it's why we're all here, right?). Who are we to judge what can and can't be done? Maybe there's something we haven't thought of yet in terms of how things fit together. Figure out how it works for you, and if it does work, don't get caught up in all the labeling. I myself am not caught up in the semantics-- it causes too many arguments. Best of luck to you!


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