Demons. The more I watch things the more I wonder about this. Why is it that when someone has a demon possesion only the catholic church can rid of it? So I wonder do demons come from christian theology only or do they exist no matter what. Sometimes I wonder about Jesus Christ, how his name supposedly makes them go away for fear of him? Is there nothing else that would rid of such? And on that line of thought, then wouldn't there be the "hell" that christians talk about? ( My spelling is really sucking sorry) Then that leads me to think about satanists. What exactly is a satanist? One who works with Lucifer right? on on my thought there isn't he one that fell from "heaven" with all the angels. Do you work with the demons, and if not what do you do then and why are you called satanists? There are lots of questions in my head, that I try to figure out what is an illusion, and what I believe. I honestly believe that only those that follow Jesus Christ get possesed because I have never ever heard of anyone who is under the pagan umbrella be such. I don't mean psychic attacks either cause most of those are caused by spirts and people them selfs, I think. I hold no concreat thoughts.. cause I could always learn something new I didn't know.

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In my experience it is the 'FEAR' of demons that bring on a possession. A Demon is going to have a hard time possessing someone who is strong and courageous. Jesus Christ = Light,, Love and Strength. He is light , Demons dont like a person who holds onto Christ . But if one is  not strong in their faith,  its usually the weak who end up broken down or possessed. 

I know about King Solomon and Ive unlearned. 


yes, he acts like its your typical day at the office

There's just no end to this trail of Abrahamic nonsense. Really, this is just scary bullshit for kids, and clueless superstitious idiots.

Those of us who do indeed "believe' in the existence of the realm of sentient beings, it is not just a blind belief in something. To firmly understand this, one should have a knowledge of cross cultural spiritual practices that not only span the earth, but also span the last 5000 years.

It is not the Catholic Church that fixes these things, it's the Catholic Church that CAUSES it, by perpetrating infantile fear and superstition about this subject.

Banishing unwanted entities is easier than feeding candy to a baby. Any experienced demonologist would know that. I would rather feed it to an exorcist, but I'll settle for a baby. Nothing is more entertaining than the way Hollywood portrays this. I love it!

Oh, well the Catholic church aren't the only ones that deal with demonic possession,they are the only ones,that people feel most comfortable dealing with, ....They are the only..recognized authority to deal with that type of darkness.

"they are the only ones,that people feel most comfortable dealing with,"


I second that.

What is the most inconspicuous way of getting rid of any negative presence?


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