When I found out that my Nan was 'on her way out' I told her that if reincarnation is possible that I wanted her to come back as my child.... so when I finally did get pregnant I was looking for signs.
My daughter has many many common themes that align with my favorite grandma (Nan) Certain things that only my Nan would know to do to calm me down, or make me talk, or whatever the case may be. My daughter says things sometimes like, "when you was a little girl..." (my three yr old saying this to me, about me) and be right about things that I had no idea about, (but if I ask my family about it they tell me more of the story and question where I heard about it!) Certain things like attitudes align, and little things like having more than one drink at a time just for variety. lol. A certain style of hug that only my Nan did with me, and the list of rarities goes on...
Sometimes I wonder if it is reincarnation, or something else, as my family says that my Nan 'visits' with them still. (in spirit form, leaving signs, or moving things etc)
Is it possible that they are only so similar because of DNA? Or is it possible that my Nan is in body and spirit at the same time?

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Both are possible. The question is: which is more probable...and the more probable thing is that it's a genetic correlation. Personally, I don't believe we get to pick and choose incarnations on anything more specific than a species level (if even that). But to each their own.
I think it's all based on karma.... you did good you get treated better than if you were bad... (idea of heaven and hell... but they are the same place)
I have a propensity to believe that it's DNA, but on the same note there are so many other little things that line up. Like how does a three year old know stories to tell me of MY childhood? And if you are able to pick and choose because of being good, it's possible that she was reincarnated as I asked? Or is there some other explanation that is more probable?
Maybe she chose to come back. Personally, I believe, when you go on you are given the choice of how you want to come back. Though sometimes you may be required to come back and fix things. I am not sure how to explain it. My view is I believe in reincarnation, but still fuzzy on the details. For my self, I know I had to come back to learn a few more life lessons. Some time a bond is formed that transends death. I bond becuase it may not always be a romantic love bond (so cliche). Hate works well.
I am of the same opinion of Reincarnation you are.

I think that it could be possible that your daughter is the reincarnation of your Nan. Some times when people say that their family members have visited them its just them being hopeful.

But if it really is your Nan visiting your family then it might be that your daughter is being told these things by your nan who very well could have taken the role as her spirit guide. Since she is so young she is still very near the veil between this world and the next. Most children can see things we can't and as they get old while they loose memories of their younger days they also loose memories of the things they see.

I didn't even think of spirit guide as a possibility :P
thanks ;)
I definitely think we reincarnate....kinda like Gypsy said, its hard to explain.....when people die & haven't learned the lessons they were suppose to or have unfinished business or even debts to pay, they continue to come back until all earthly business is taken care of. And you move up by astral planes...kinda like a starter house, & then you keep moving into a better one until you reach your final destination. There is a book you can read that explains the astral planes, & it actually teaches you how to leave your body & visit them & talk to guides & stuff(its actually a seperate religion)...its called Eckankar...(my ex-brother-in-law turned me on to it &we read all his stuff)it was really fascinating.But the main book is called"Eckankar:the key to secret worlds, by Paul Twitchell". He was actually an ECK master who trained under a Tibetan ECK master Rebazar Tarzs.The present Living Eck Master is Darwin Gross(the last time I checked)..its the secret science of soul travel. There are a few Eck Chapters around here even. And if it isn't actually your nan, maybe your nan had a hand in creating her or maybe she is your daughters spirit guide. Hope the Eckankar stuff helps...(maybe you can even go visit her).
absolutely wonderful.... thank you so much <3 :D
how is observing and making connections projecting my want onto my child?
it's not like I verbalize it to my daughter... I just mentally take a note and think to myself about the similarity.... projecting it onto my child would be rewarding her for behavior the resembles my Nan.... and I definitely don't do anything close....
I do... and I don't think that any of you should be telling me I'm projecting my want onto my child.... I don't..... I take a mental note of the similarities.... that's it.... how is that projecting it onto her....?
Thats really cool sometimes use ot think that my step uncle is or was the reincarnation of my brother Ed... He died exactly as Ed was born.... I use ot tihnk my brother Micheal was the reincarnation of my brother Chris becuase my brother chris had migraiens were my deseased who died from a head hemoraged died from.... They both were Leos...


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