Forgive me if this is a repeated topic but I was just curious as to what everyone's thoughts and opinions are on having intercourse with ghosts/spirits/etc.

Do you think it is possible? Do you think you would feel warmth or just very cold? Neither?

Inspiration came from this article:

Not sure which category to put this under considering it could fit a few. Mods feel free to change it as needed.

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I would agree. Do you think other entities would do this? Perhaps those who were never human?

Oops meant to edit not delete. I think it depends. There are older beings that would make contact with humans. I don't know really.

was just asking out of curiosity, and now my original comment is blank hahaha.

It is a "ghost comment"...;)

Seriously , however...

I personally do not think opening up one's energy field

to disembodied entities , is ever a good idea...

Especially sexual energies...they feed off life force ,

since they no longer have life , as we call it...

look up egregores , and tulpas , and what can happen ,

IF they get out of hand...those are different as they

are constructed energies , yet the negative end result

could very likely be the same...

Even if one contacted a lover who crossed over , and

was tempted to have astral intercourse...I would not

follow that path myself...

Too many possibilities for trouble...just my thoughts...:)

I tend to agree and lol ghost comment.

I agree it's too risky to one's self. I find the whole thing makes me a bit uneasy. You have to be careful. Spirits and other beings can be deceptive and tricky as well.

you just have all the answers ;o

If you enjoy it, go for it.


interesting o_o

I say to each his/her own. I won't judge. But seriously it's Bobbie Brown. He says he wasn't high, but I have a hard time believing him.

wait you wanted to have sexual intercourse with demons? what made you want to pursue that?


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