Forgive me if this is a repeated topic but I was just curious as to what everyone's thoughts and opinions are on having intercourse with ghosts/spirits/etc.

Do you think it is possible? Do you think you would feel warmth or just very cold? Neither?

Inspiration came from this article:

Not sure which category to put this under considering it could fit a few. Mods feel free to change it as needed.

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There are people who actually want that. Not me I'd like to have sex with a human first choice. The Ubi spirit is very real. If someone needs a relationship and they don't have a human lover then that's an option. There are quite a few people who seem to be going that route. The Fae are said to take humans as wife's. Then produce offspring with them.

Gives new meaning to the term 'ghost load'...

the best way to get rid of the spirits is to show no fear. with sage. marjuna works the best of all sage


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