So my situation, which will lead to my question is this. I feel that someone that I know, who moved me to a location far from my home with my family....then within one year moved away from the area has left a negative impact on me. Does anyone have any experience with someone whom, at first seems very charismatic, then the longer you are around or associated with you feel drained due to the the negativeness of themselves? And even with them moving 3000 miles away you can feel their negative energy surrounding you, draining you....

I am working on a return to sender spell-my only concern is that my thoughts may be focused on this person vs the negativity that is nagging at my soul. Has anyone had a similar experience with a return to sender spell without karma-tic repercussions? Also, how do I ensure that when I complete the spell that my subconscious  isn't focusing on the one I feel, in my gut, is the reason for these negative feelings??

Thanks in advance for any and all insight! Bright Blessings!!!!

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Those sort of people are personality or energy vampires and you're better off being as far from them as possible.  You should meditate to cleanse yourself of them in your thoughts and not have anything to do with them if you can.  If you can find some real jet or other negative energy protective stone and/or a pouch with negativity absorbing herbs and wear it or carry it around, that helps tremendously.

Has anyone had a similar experience with a return to sender spell without karma-tic repercussions?

If you are the one being victimized, you don't have to worry about karma.

Sorry, I don't have any spells to offer as I've never run across this problem where such a person's negativity stays with me.

Aside from Aurelia Pontia's excellent advice, I would add the following: look around for objects left behind by this person and get rid of them but first do a good cleansing of them to neutralize them.  If there are objects that this person left hanging around that are integral to the functioning of your house, making it just too hard for you to get rid of them (stove, refrigerator, etc, etc) then make sure you do a thorough physical and magickal cleansing of them, also to neutralize residual energy from this person.

 Finally, if you have done a thorough smudging of your home, remember that it might take several smudges over a period of time to neutralize any residual energy. The very walls could be holding energy from this person. I'd cleanse the place, inside and out, just to be sure. Look for seemingly dropped objects that might be used as an anchor by this person. One never knows

Thank you both for the input. I have been working on cleansing myself and my home, I have done several smudge cleansing and vinegar washes. My next step is to remove clutter and anything related to this person, as you suggested :)) Bright Blessings!

I don't know whether this person just left or if s/he left with a grudge but look for anything, no matter how small, that might have been used to hex.  It pays to be careful in a situation like the one you  describe.

If none of the above has an effect, try scrying and divination to pin-point the source of the negativity you are feeling.

I don't believe the person left with a personal grudge towards me. I do truly believe this person is just completely miserable and overall not a decent person. I normally don't like to say such things about someone-but it is what it is. This person may have left a hex on me in order to have me experience the same misery or to just be vindictive. I just want to be released and move on :( back to cleansing!! 

This is going to sound mean... But curse them, then bind and/or banish the negative energy.

Eek, not mean I don't suppose...I just don't have that experience and truly don't want negative karma-that's why I was thinking of a return to sender spell situation. I am not 100% if this person has done something negative to me unintentionally/intentionally and would not like to curse them if they have not done be fair-I do tend to make things more complicated and over think things haha, oh joy :/

I don't believe in karma. I have not seen any proof exists. I have seen the exact opposite though. Besides, if someone hurts you, you can't defend yourself?

The best way to resolve negative energy like that is too call or write the person - or even facebook message them and say that you feel that they are concentrating on you too much

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